Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

I'll start with the bad ~

~ waking up at 5:45 and not being able to get back to sleep
~ forgetting to take allergy medicine
~ a precious & curious little red headed 4 year old practically giving me a heart attack
~ a grouchy mommy this afternoon (me, not my mother!)
~ having absolutely NO desire at all to cook dinner
~ a silly dog that would NOT come out of the rain earlier tonight
~ thinking about our wise Granny & missing her so

now with the Good ~ it far outweighs the bad!

~ a wonderful time spent in God's word this morning. Psalms is of course amazing and I'm really enjoying studying Jonah
~ 2 boys that got up & ready so nicely for school this morning. this is a rare occurance
~ that same curious precious little is okay
~ lunch with a super duper girlfriend who is such a fantastic listener, encourager, etc.
~ finding a coupon that made that lunch OH SO CHEAP . . . $3!
~ 2 sweet boys that didn't complain much when I said we "needed" a quick trip to Target
~ free samples of strawberry fraps at Target's Starbucks ~ a perfect treat to hold the boys over until dinner
~ ChikFilA for dinner which means Mama got her sweet tea! (I order it "split" now)
~ we're getting rain! it smells so good
~ being so tired that I'm planning to hit the hay at the same time as the boys!
~ looking at our pretty daisys every time we go up & down the steps outside

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Anonymous said...

Brings everything into perspective. There is some bad in life, but there is a whole lot of good!!! Thanks for your encouragment in challenging times. God's Word and His children bring His blessings to us each day! Some days more than others, but in some way everyday. He is faithful!! In Matthew 6:33, Jesus says to seek first the kingdom of God. I pray this for you and JM and for me and my family as well.