Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello Monday

hello a better understanding of 1 peter chapter 1
         a better understanding of sufferings

hello tummy bug & yuckies

hello chocolate chip cookies ~ some crunchy some soft
         and a good cover up for the "sick" smell

hello return home jammer day

hello project 1 completion

hello week of testing

hello joy & lisa

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

all over the place

* boys' basketball was better today, still intense but cooler calmer parents, wish jm could coach both boys teams but that would be a lot!  one of the coaches was rather rough in my opinion ~ it's the Y!!

*  this post, this gal, her family, makes me smile, makes me cry, reminds me of hope.  love their promise & re-promises to God & one another, as their children watched.  what a gift!

*  the last week, i've really had a hunch to hunker down & focus on some challenging words in 1 peter ~

      "be holy, because I am holy"

i did say challenging!

* just now getting around to using the chika chika boom boom activity bag that i made over the summer. i can't find where i got the print out of the tree & alphabet.  if you happen to know, please tell me so i can give credit.

*  i've had fun making more since.  the snowy day, laura numeroff's books, etc.  love making reading fun for the kiddos.  i put objects that relate to the story in a bag along with counting, sorting, phonics, matching games & props they can retell the story with.  i'm on a roll!

* it's cold . . . maybe a night to bake something warm & cozy.  chocolate chip cookies, cake balls?  decisions decisions!  maybe even some of that tasty cinnamon tea

Friday, January 20, 2012

Five Friday Favs

* * * * * 

with triscuits 
or your friend/coworker's pretzel chips

* * * * * 

s is for
snowmen, snow, snowflakes, stone soup,
Samuel, Snowmen at Night, The Snowy Day,
snow play dough, All You Need for a Snowman,
 SO much fun with the letter "s" this week at nrpre k

* * * * *

book bags, enrichment activities, & literacy fun
for my pre k kiddos
i've had a blast pulling ideas

* * * * *

cinnamon tea
thanks to a surprise on my porch
thanks mb!
it was a warm & tasty treat each night

Friday, January 6, 2012

five friday favs

a great Christmas present
a great start to the new year
and a great way to end our days
we have this time each night together
*most nights*

* * * * * 

got a CRAZY deal on this amazing calendar
i mean a really good deal
(i'm talking less than $20 shipped)
only hoping it's available again next year
i couldn't have made it for that price

* * * * * 

another great Christmas present
~ joy ~
was my word for 2011
and in just 1 week of "studying" more on joy
i long for even more of it!
another great book to kick off the year

* * * * * 

 my new favorite way to eat
in some pretties from the thrift store

* * * * * 

reading 1 peter
right now i'm reading & rereading

Sunday, January 1, 2012

so random

~ loved today, first day of the year, basketball & football with the boys, fabulous weather, brunch w/ a friend, pics of a girlie, squeezed in a book report, ended it w/ new years eve leftovers

~ my ben has recently started initiating butterfly kisses . . . ssshhh don't tell anyone.  i love it!

~ jacob just had a sincere concern ~ since it's a leap year, shouldn't they (hcps) take off 1 day of school?!
     *i think he should run for school board don't you?!

~ really had a thoughtful time with the boys over romans 12:2 ~ i long for our boys to wear that verse on their hearts . . . . * HIS good, pleasing, & perfect will * . . . . how incredibly reassuring

~ i'm really sad to see Christmas break come to an end.  the ONLY annoyance to the break was the bickering b/w the boys.  however, that happens w/ school or w/out school.  so i'd rather have more home days!

~ i'm pretty sure we have never had so many consecutive cuddling movie nights . . . really loved that time . . . precious treasure

~ mixed feelings over the fact that skamfam christmas cards did not go out yet another year.  i took the pic, had the cards picked out, then just stopped the process!  it did feel good to simply cross that off my to do list.  but o how i love christmas cards

~ i'm really excited about the new season of the bach . . . i know, stupid!  it's a silly guilty pleasure and i'm not even a ben fan

~ i have quite a stack of mail to go out . . . i keep forgetting to buy stamps

~ having a good ole time w/ the instagram app on my old school i touch.  could even become a tad more obsessed w/ the app sb told me about picframe ~ fun stuff

happy new year friends

You crown the year with a bountiful harvest;
even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.
psalm 65:11