Thursday, May 1, 2008

Today is Thursday...

...i am thankful!

for 2 much happier boys today! mommy is happy too! if mama ain't happy...ain't nobody happy! (no body was happy yesterday)

the weekend is almost here

i love where i work!

i love our boys' teachers ... a lot! we just had teacher appreciation week last week at the pre-school and next week it is at the elem school.

my hubby is amazing...i love him!

mother's day...well since it is this month, jacob said that for the entire month mommy (that's me) should get to do whatever she wants!'s only the 1st of may but i wonder how long he'll have that attitude!

chocolate chip cookies...jacob's show & tell for tomorrow has to start w/ "ch"! chicken...cheerios...chocolate chip cookies, oh my!

sleeping children (@ 7:30) and a new book...2 new ones actually!) now it's 8:30 and i'm heading to read!