Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun Treat Idea

Thanks JENN for showing me these!

Aren't they adorable?!

They were fun & simply to make.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Today I Love

1~ falling asleep to the sound of rain last night & waking up to it again this morning.

2~ the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in our kitchen . . . even though they were just "break & bakes"

3~ the creativity flowing through Jacob's mind. On the way to church yesterday Jacob said "I'm going to need some poster boards; at least 3. I want to draw some big pictures." Well after church & lunch we got those poster boards. Ben followed his brother's lead and also requested 3 poster boards. Then they came home & disappeared. They later came down with their creations. Jacob drew a huge Mario & Ben drew a huge Luigi.

4~ conversations with the boys. Saturday Ben said "I'm kind of like that runner that spoke so us the other day ~ the one that was a tri-something ~ you know." I reminded him triathelete. "Yea that's it because I ran a race, went for a bike ride, and then played basketball."

5~ the sound of multiple basketballs pounding the hallway floor in our house and how whenever we leave the house the boys take either their basketballs or their glove & ball in case they can play wherever we are going.

6~ the celebration this week . . . Jesus is Alive!

7~ the anticipation of Spring things (except pollen) looking forward to planting our garden seeds in our little tray and later moving them to our garden.

8~ hugs from very sweet preschoolers; they are especially nice when we happen to see each other outside of preschool

9~ thinking about a trip to the beach next week

10~ friendships & fellowship

11~ our parents

12~ God's faithful promises

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Week in Pictures

The boys were over due for a hair cut.
JM put his skill to use!
Jacob looks miserable though.

The boys convinced us to put our mini goal in the cul de sac.
The weather has been perfect
for the boys to play so much outside.
Temps are great and pollen isn't too bad yet.
Best Friends!
I found them deep in conversation & giggles.

Ben is thrilled with his new cleats & tball pants.
We had to try them on before school because of his excitement.
ELES had a great assembly to cheer on the FUN RUN runners.
Are ya'll ready to run?!
Ben finally gave up his jacket before he took off running.3/28
Memaw & Papaw held posters at the race
and Ben loved his medal.
(he was glad it wasn't a "plastic" one)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

almost a month of 365

Stop here if you don't care for the picture over load.
I thought I should update especially for the grandparents!

2/26 ~ the boys have been in an afterschool
basketball program every Friday
2/27 ~ Ben's getting his run on.
He never wants to miss a practice.

2/28 ~ Jacob's final basketball game.

3/1 ~ We finally got to enjoy my yummy birthday treats ~
amazing cupcakes!

3/2 ~ Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss


3/4 ~ Yummy Treats at the Girl's Night Out

3/5 ~ I let Jacob use our camera.
Bad picture but a good try on his part.
I really had forgotten to take a picture
so he helped out.
3/6 ~ 2 Little Loves

3/7 ~ 3 beautiful ladies
sweet friend and her girls

3/8 ~ picnic on the porch
with build your own subs

3/9 ~ Each child draws a picture of something
that begins with the letter of the week.
I thought it was sweet that "I"
chose to draw a picture of Ben for her page.
Notice that she drew herself as well.
I love the sweet friendships!
3/10 ~ Football in the backyard.
Jacob & James discussing their plays.
3/11 ~ I started our newer, bigger, better compost pile.
I'm thinking it's too big now though!

3/12 ~ JM made Jacob some accountability behavior charts.
I think they are helping!

3/13 ~ Spring is trying to arrive!

3/14 ~ Working on their "brackets"!

3/15 ~ "Ready or Not . . . Here I Come"
The boys have really been enjoying all the time outside.
Today it was Hide & Seek.
3/16 ~ The 2nd Graders sing at the PTA meeting.
Jacob has never been thrilled about singing
but couldn't wait for this night.
I later found out it was because if they went,
then they didn't have to do their homework!
I knew it had to be something!
3/17 ~ This is only a tiny bit of what the Leprechauns left for us.
The boys were thrilled that they got to have Lucky Charms . . .
a real treat in our house!
3/18 ~ an early dissmissal on a beautiful day
meant a picnic with wonderful friends at the park.
Jacob really took to Madeline
and kept an eye on her as we walked all around.
3/19 ~ Spring Hat Parade for the Kindergarteners.

3/20 ~ "Happy Spring Mrs. Skammer"
is what a little boy told me when he handed me these.
Aren't they beautiful?!
3/21 ~ Jacob was one of two students in his class
to have his art displayed at the mall.
We along w/ JM's parent's went to see it today.
I can't wait to have it home and frame it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today I Love . . .

1 ~ Coke O (in the bottle) and M&Ms

2 ~ my girlfriends

3 ~ OPI Bubblebath - it's a great color

4 ~ having boys . . . sweaty, stinky, active, outdoor lovin, basketball playing, race training boys

5 ~ our windows open to all the fresh air . . . until the pollen hits

6 ~ finally flip flops on my feet

7 ~ our boys' teachers

8 ~ Chik Fil A

9 ~ God's true Word that is "sharper than any double edged sword"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Post Birthday Fun

It's no secret that I really like my birthday.
I also like my girl time
as well as time to create.
So I thought I should smoosh all that together
to celebrate my 34th.
Many of my favorite local girls were there.
We all met at Color Me Mine
and painted, ate, chatted, etc.
Although the chatting became hard
with all the stress of painting.

I can't wait to see how everyone's pieces turned out!