Monday, March 29, 2010

Today I Love

1~ falling asleep to the sound of rain last night & waking up to it again this morning.

2~ the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in our kitchen . . . even though they were just "break & bakes"

3~ the creativity flowing through Jacob's mind. On the way to church yesterday Jacob said "I'm going to need some poster boards; at least 3. I want to draw some big pictures." Well after church & lunch we got those poster boards. Ben followed his brother's lead and also requested 3 poster boards. Then they came home & disappeared. They later came down with their creations. Jacob drew a huge Mario & Ben drew a huge Luigi.

4~ conversations with the boys. Saturday Ben said "I'm kind of like that runner that spoke so us the other day ~ the one that was a tri-something ~ you know." I reminded him triathelete. "Yea that's it because I ran a race, went for a bike ride, and then played basketball."

5~ the sound of multiple basketballs pounding the hallway floor in our house and how whenever we leave the house the boys take either their basketballs or their glove & ball in case they can play wherever we are going.

6~ the celebration this week . . . Jesus is Alive!

7~ the anticipation of Spring things (except pollen) looking forward to planting our garden seeds in our little tray and later moving them to our garden.

8~ hugs from very sweet preschoolers; they are especially nice when we happen to see each other outside of preschool

9~ thinking about a trip to the beach next week

10~ friendships & fellowship

11~ our parents

12~ God's faithful promises

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