Sunday, August 28, 2011

a celebration & a tropical storm

* our tropical storm weekend started with celebrating * 

happy birthday anne!!

 one of her precious sons w/ one of mine

 the birthday girl LOVES diet coke
well to say "love" is an understatement!

 another one of her goofy precious sons

so that was friday

saturday brought MORE fun
so i just had to copy an idea that i've seen all over pinterest

after we put the crayons in the order we preferred,
jacob & i hot glued the crayons down

then ben & i blow dried
and watched the shiny, colorful wax drip

it was a fun process and i can't wait to do again

we finished this right in time
just a little bit later the power went out
so it was 
flash light tag
(we even found glo sticks)
choose your own adventure book by flashlight
teacher gifts started
apples to apples

 our neighbor came over to tell us 
one of their trees was on its way to our yard
so we should keep roxy inside

 fortunately this is as far as it came out of the ground

when we woke up this is all we saw
we are very blessed
with only a slightly messy yard
(with all those trees we have,
we just had tons of  branches & limbs)
that papaw has already cleaned
2 hours later
and it doesn't even look like a storm came through
i am so thankful

so is roxy
she finally got to relax in our yard for a bit

Friday, August 26, 2011

five friday favs

REconnecting with friends

* * * * * 

this was just in my email box yesterday
so cute

* * * * *

the squeals & giggles
from the kids playing outside
especially in the dark!
sardines & basketball & tenniball

* * * * * 

discovering a new to me restaurant
people have raved about if for a while
but i finally got to try it for myself
have you been to noodles & co?

* * * * * 

now i want to read the book

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

totally NOT ready

to say good bye to summer
for a decade old little dude
for alarm clocks going off 
to give up pool days, book days, sleepin in days
to enforce hw 
to even know who the boys' teachers are
to be back on a schedule
for more laundry loads
for the rushing b/c of lollygaggling little loves

. . . . . 

are you?!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Fun

Remember this . . . 

well we still have TONS left to do in these last 3 weeks of summer.
can not believe that!  3 weeks from today the boys will have come home from their first day in 2nd & 4th grades!  aaah.

today it is beautiful outside.  so pretty in fact, i threw the windows open as soon as i woke up.  (then crawled back in bed)

breezy & beautiful!

so while the boys had some reading time i set up an obstacle course in the back yard.

does anyone else remember walking on these thingies
love them!

then they had to use noodles to hit these little foam baseballs 
into the laundry basket
it was harder than i realized 

the string web was their favorite
they all kept going back to it over & over

 kick a soccer ball into a *goal*

noodle & balloon war

and we're done
it was fun while it lasted!
next up:
stepping stones!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

random thoughts of a single mama

being a single mama came to me as the biggest shocker so far in my life.  it has exhausted me to the near end . . . or so i feel.  it has reminded me of friends . . . in the masses.  thank you Lord.  it has challenged me spiritually, emotionally, parentally (is that a word?  it is now!)  it has left me without my best friend.  it has caused me to feel cheated on life.  on the other hand, it has strengthened my relationship with God ~ WHEN i allow Him.  it causes me to question lots.  it has shown me how strong & independent i can be if/when necessary.  it has taught me about unconditional love for *my man* and our boys.  it has caused me to really seek joy & experience it.  it has helped me to slow down & enjoy the memory making time and other days it has made me want to speed up through this yucky season.  it has allowed me to see & bask in God's provision & beauty.  it has caused me to experience how un-fun it is to cook healthy meals for my family . . . way more enjoyable to look for "kids eat free" restaurants.  (this is not healthy = weight gain)  it has taught me so much about forgiveness, healing, & being content right where i am.  it has made the boys' arguments seem way worse than they really may be.  life brings A LOT of unexpected . . . good & bad.  despite the way it may end, i will not regret the fight i put up to save our marriage.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


enjoy this reminder from nicole 

Abundance from Nicole Unice on Vimeo.

i needed that reminder and maybe you did too!  happy weekend

Friday, August 12, 2011

five friday favs

arnold palmers

thanks to anne for getting me hooked 

* * * * * 

a pool party with  many from our prek class from last year
such  a fun time!

* * * * * 

* * * * * 

thanks to my sister in law
i have had the privilege 
of working for this amazing company
many camps these past couple of weeks
with more on the books in the future
sooooo thankful for stephanie & more opportunities

* * * * * 

back to school meeting
yes i know
i'm not excited about back to school for the boys
but going back to prek
means being surrounded by some of the best girls ever
so thankful that my work place is filled with many of my friends