Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Fun

Remember this . . . 

well we still have TONS left to do in these last 3 weeks of summer.
can not believe that!  3 weeks from today the boys will have come home from their first day in 2nd & 4th grades!  aaah.

today it is beautiful outside.  so pretty in fact, i threw the windows open as soon as i woke up.  (then crawled back in bed)

breezy & beautiful!

so while the boys had some reading time i set up an obstacle course in the back yard.

does anyone else remember walking on these thingies
love them!

then they had to use noodles to hit these little foam baseballs 
into the laundry basket
it was harder than i realized 

the string web was their favorite
they all kept going back to it over & over

 kick a soccer ball into a *goal*

noodle & balloon war

and we're done
it was fun while it lasted!
next up:
stepping stones!

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