Friday, November 11, 2011

five friday favs

lemon water
each day this week 
i've started my day 
with a large glass 
filled with lotsa ice & water
then i squeeze a half a lemon in it

* * * * * 

the temperatures at the beginning of the week

* * * * * 

daily walks with girlfriends

* * * * * 

early morning rainbows

* * * * *

the friendly, older gentleman
in the line at chik fil a
let us mama's go in front of him
so we could scoot on home to meet the bus

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

dream dates

absolutely love this movie


and this is one (among the many) of my favorite scenes
(it's quite a tear jerker)

while the situations are ENTIRELY different . . .
my ben & i had a dream date tonight
i was tucking him in & rubbing his back
but we closed our eyes and went on a date
olive garden (his idea ~ i promise!)
he had lemonade & i had tea
he had fettucini alfredo & i had minestrone soup
i'm not sure who had more fun
after our meal we were headed to
Gelati for dessert
ben ended with "to be continued"!
i guess our dream date tomorrow night
while tucking in
will be at
i can't wait!