Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a date w/ my boy

his laugh is completely contagious
his gaze is flirtatious
his smile is warming
i treasure his trust
i love listening to his heart
we have deep conversations
which can be very rare
we also have funny ones
he can't stand church clothes
but asked me to buy him a tux
(i didn't)
his sense of humor is amazing
he's wise & perceptive
he took such time painting a ceramic dog
it looks just like roxy
he can't wait to display it
he held my hand
he shared his milkshake w/ me
he's growing way to fast
he wanted to go the book store
but it's late & a school night
looks like we have another date in our near future

(my picture from our night won't upload)

Laura Story - Blessings

these words could not be more perfect
for where i am 
or what i pray
or what i think
or what is on my heart

i heard it this morning on my way to work
i do a lot of praying at that time
then i heard this
what a timely blessing
i was running late to work
and so glad i was!

i hope you are blessed by these words as well

Monday, March 28, 2011


beside my bed

i have my nose in WAY too many books right now

let me preface the following pic by saying
i am not proud of what is written
but it is real life at our house
(they do not even know i found this "note"
and definitely that i took a picture)
it says
"your a big fat stupid dude"
the reply in red
"i'm talking about you back"
then we have
"you to."

oh dear . . . . looks like we'll be chatting again about
"May the words of my mouth
and the meditations of my heart
be pleasing to you O Lord"

and just a few short hours later 
this is what i found when i went to lay w/ them

Finally, all of you, 
live in harmony with one another; 
be sympathetic, 
love as brothers
be compassionate and humble.
1 Peter 3:8

they're struggling right now 
but i keep telling them 
that they really need to cling to each other 
now more than ever

these boys are amazing!
we're closer than we have ever been.
mostly they warm my heart.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

run ben run

all season long we haven't been able to make a single practice 
for ben's race next weekend.  
that didn't mess him up though 
as we did make it to the last practice this morning.

i *almost* kept my promise 
and didn't cheer him on.
i forgot when he was finishing up.
i just can't help but yell out
to make up for breaking my promise 
i just *had* to take them to chik fil a 
for a drive through breakfast.

what a cool kid!

last night

we jumped on the spider & ram band wagon

the boys wore their u of r t-shirts 
and we had dinner on our vcu blanket 
while watching the game.

we had our sleeping bags ready 
for those who may fall asleep earlier!  
(i told jacob to wake me & tell me who won)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

As Is

i heard this right after dropping the boys off at school.
my first thoughts were "eh . . . . this is cheezy"
but then i got to thinking & remembering
so many of these individuals we think of from the Bible,
we remember their good qualities
but forget how God used them & their mistakes as well.

he kind of reminds me of the good ole days w/ geoff moore ;)

Monday, March 21, 2011

do you hear what i hear

boing boing boing ~ 
the bounce of the trampoline

giggles of boys

bouncing of basketballs . . . 
yes that's plural
in the kitchen & in the cul de sac

breezes of trees
(the trees STINK)

birds chirping

boys' conversations

Friday, March 18, 2011

it's a boys world over here

      wednesday was a random day off for the boys
we were thrilled to have 2 more for the day
then 2 more from the cul de sac  came to play as well

imagine my delight when they pulled out the dress up box 
from the garage
sizes were not important
creativity was!
they played & switched around for more than an hour!

2 of ms. langes finest students

 echo lake should be proud

five friday favs

* park days & bike rides
   with my family & friends

* a night by the fire pit & a cozy cup of coffee with  my daddy

* a new recipe . . . we all LOVED this
   and soooo easy
   house smelled delicious
   it made a ton
   meg suggested it

* nighttime conversations w/ my jacob

* a brisk walk with a sweet friend on a glorious day = great conversation, exercise, fresh air

Thursday, March 17, 2011

so not ready for this!!

yesterday with 4 boys in the van i found it interesting that the topic of "girls" came up in conversation

fast forward to today

my sweet 9 year old says to his buddys & his brother
     "okay . . . i do like "her"
     "you better not tell her!"

i just kept doing what i was doing
HE asked ME as we were leaving the park
            "do you think "she" likes me?"

"of course she does buddy!  what do you think?!"

He responds  "YES!"

okay, so all of this was great when he was THREE
     "she" was molly

however, ever since molly,
jacob has been so anti-girls
            until now.

say it isn't so!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the silliest holiday . . .

but everyone who knows & loves me
knows how excited i get about 

boys lunches
(the cheese & turkey in shamrock shapes)
applesauce too ~ i'll add in the morning.
they never get juice boxes
but i figured water wasn't green!

teacher treats

and a little treasure for them
next to their breakfast
l.u.c.k.y c.h.a.r.m.s
that's a treat in itself!

the leprechauns didn't do much this year
while the boys totally do NOT believe in this silly stuff
they do have fun with it
unless they are just humoring me
but jacob mentioned to his friends today 
that he can't wait to find where his underwear will be hanging.

i had a bunch of stuff left over from my 
"leapin leprechaun" camp at U of R.
so the stuff got 2 uses already
then i'll scoop it all up to take to pre-k

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nothing Like . . .

i loved nicole's blog prompt today and will continue with mine here . . . i read hers this morning then thought about it as i drove to preschool.  here it goes!

there's nothing like . . . .

~ a fresh bottle of coke 0 paired with fresh cheez its & fresh M&Ms
    ( no cheez its in our house!! ~ aaaaahhh)

~ the smell of summer rain shower

~ getting lost in a book with your toes deep in the sand

~ "nosey's" with my boys

~ stay home jammer days

~ cozy cuddles on the couch ~ also known as "mommy sandwiches"

~ a random hcps day off of school in the middle of the week

~ brothers getting along instead of arguing & instigating!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

spoke to me

these words from this song spoke to my hear this morning

Your love is like fire
that burns for all to see.
My only desire
to worship at Your feet.
So let this fire
consume my life.
Let Your love take me deeper
pull me closer to where You are,
'cause all I want is more of You.

and I'll surrender to Your love
forever humbled by the
message of the cross.
I stand abandoned in
Your presence and Your grace,
and I'll never be the same Oh God.


i'm behind
* on laundry
* on lesson plans for saturday's "leapin leprechauns"
* with 10k training
* in reading (i've started 3 books!)
* sorting hand me down clothes

* how a chipotle gift card randomly made it's way into my poc . . . . (thank you)
* how to get these darlin boys to respect & speak kindly to one another & myself
* why saying "honor your parents" & "may the words of my mouth be pleasing" aren't enough
* why a certain little 7 year old when given the choice to go ANYWHERE to eat on our date, he chooses TACO BELL . . . seriously?!  diSgusTiNg!!  more on that another time

Friday, March 11, 2011

Five Friday Favs

jenn's recipes for
sloppy joe & baked corn
our house smelled delicious
and the boys were vaccuums

* * * * * 

field trips w/ my pre-kers
this was my first time going to the teddy bear clinic
it was so fun
stitches & cast on all the stuff animals
one little girl said
"this was so much fun!"

* * * * * 

teacher luncheon volunteers
serving up grilled cheeses
so. much. fun!

* * * * *

a break from facebook
silly i know
but i've heard from several how refreshing it can be
i'm giving it a whirl for myself
i like it
may give it up forever

* * * * *

roasting marshmellos w/ my boys

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

Five Friday Favs

preschool art shows
i've loved them year after year
when our boys were in prek
(when ben was in the 4 year old class)
(when he was in the 3 year old class)
(i also LOVED it when jacob was in preschool
but it was before i blogged!
i'll have to add some of those pics later!)
and with my class
one of my favorite events of the year
the kiddos are so proud of their stuff

* * * * * 

getting word that we do not OWE on taxes
will get some back

* * * * * 

birthday dinner
with many of my favorite friends
we miss you lisa & jennie

flowers, pb pie, red velvet cupcakes
girlfriends galore
cuddling a baby
nuevo mexico
need i say more?!

* * * * * 

"May our sons flourish in their youth
like well-nurtured plants."
Psalm 144:12

* * * * *

a good night's sleep
early to bed
a rested mama
event planner for friday family fun night
i'm ready