Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the silliest holiday . . .

but everyone who knows & loves me
knows how excited i get about 

boys lunches
(the cheese & turkey in shamrock shapes)
applesauce too ~ i'll add in the morning.
they never get juice boxes
but i figured water wasn't green!

teacher treats

and a little treasure for them
next to their breakfast
l.u.c.k.y c.h.a.r.m.s
that's a treat in itself!

the leprechauns didn't do much this year
while the boys totally do NOT believe in this silly stuff
they do have fun with it
unless they are just humoring me
but jacob mentioned to his friends today 
that he can't wait to find where his underwear will be hanging.

i had a bunch of stuff left over from my 
"leapin leprechaun" camp at U of R.
so the stuff got 2 uses already
then i'll scoop it all up to take to pre-k

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