Sunday, March 13, 2011


i'm behind
* on laundry
* on lesson plans for saturday's "leapin leprechauns"
* with 10k training
* in reading (i've started 3 books!)
* sorting hand me down clothes

* how a chipotle gift card randomly made it's way into my poc . . . . (thank you)
* how to get these darlin boys to respect & speak kindly to one another & myself
* why saying "honor your parents" & "may the words of my mouth be pleasing" aren't enough
* why a certain little 7 year old when given the choice to go ANYWHERE to eat on our date, he chooses TACO BELL . . . seriously?!  diSgusTiNg!!  more on that another time

1 comment:

StansberryPhotography said...

i LOVE your honesty... and I can say ME TOO to lots of them... although TACO BELL sounds like a perfect date to ME!!!!!