Thursday, September 30, 2010

Out of the Mouths of BOYS

Sometimes you have to appreciate boy humor.
If you're okay with it then read on.

Me: Good Morning Boys
Rise & Shine

Ben: Mama can you help me?
My butt has a crack in it.

It was a great laugh to start the day!

. . . a later conversation with our other boy . . . 

Jacob: I don't want you to see my undies.

Me: What's the big deal,
I've seen them before.

Jacob: I'm growing up now Mom!

Jeepers . . . thanks for the reminder jakey!

just thinking . . .

* about how delicious this must be
it is going on next week's menu
we already have most of the ingredients

* about how much we need the rain
but not a sopping wet dog

* how i'm enjoying my study in jonah
even though this morning
it was in the prek parking lot

* how much sweeter my Jesus is
in the ups . . . and downs of life

* how well she writes
i can relate to so much of this

* about the many blessings of my new preschool class
what a precious bunch

* i miss the pool
reading by the pool
boys laughing & playing by the pool

* we should probably get started on the projects
the boys have due in the next week

* how fast this week is zipping by

* ben is running a race saturday

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting My Craft On

i've seen similar seasonal displays during my blog hopping

then decided I wanted my own
for the holiday at the end of this next month. 

the one that we have fun with
but not doing the extreme scary stuff that goes along with it.
(just the *fun* scary stuff)

 do you want to make one too?
 find an old canvas that you are no longer using
(mine is from a trio that was given to me-
it matched another house we lived in)

 this crafter's staple item ~ Modge Podge
 some black paint
or black paper to cover the canvas or board

  some black tulle
(sheer polka dot ribbon would look good too)
and paper punches
 i had all of this on hand
so my project was FREE
remove the funky stuff

paint it black

or modge podge black paper

then adhere punches

modge podge over it for a completed look
secure tulle or ribbon for hanging

there you have it
a cheap budget friendly craft

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pumpkin Inspiration

We popped in to see our friends the Hudsons
 and really to see their new addition
While I was so captivated by him
(a Golden Retriever Puppy)
I was jealous that they were all decked out for fall.
I wish I had our camera with me to take pictures
and then come home & copy for our house.

So instead I came home and browsed around the web
for some more fall ideas.

I pulled out my new pumpkin candle
so at least it will smell like fall around here
until I get my act together.

credit for these pictures:
Southern Living, Country Living, & Good Housekeeping

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Whole Lot of Randomness

* i'm pretty sure i had WAY too many coke 0's today
   my limit is 1 and today i have lost count!

* i couldn't be happier with the start of the school year. 
   i think the boys' teachers are good matches for them

* i just ate a bowl of fruity cheerios for dinner @ 8:45

* i picked up at least 5 dart tags from the cul de sac this morning
   wondering how many i'll pick up on the way home from the bus stop tomorrow

* i love the feeling i had last night after talking to my college best friend
   such security

* i don't care that i haven't taken out the trash or recycling for tomorrow morning

* i was completely overwelmed this afternoon with homework, house work, dinner, meeting
   so glad bj was here to "rescue" & wasn't bothered that i didn't have dinner ready for him

* i love the feeling of having nothing going on tomorrow ~
   then i can get "caught up" so i won't feel overwelmed

* i am filled with anticipation of going to Gelati Celesti tomorrow night

* i am hugely blessed with amazing friends
   many filling various needs

* i have already fallen away from the jogging efforts

* the loadS of clean laundry can wait one more day to be folded

* i think it's funny how many people are annoyed by stink bugs
   i haven't seen that many

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

In My Spare Time . . .

I like to spend time in blog land gaining inspiration
(creative, parenting, Godly, etc.)
from these ladies that I don't even know.
I think it would be loads of fun
to spend the day with them all together!

i love her
crafts, girls, recipes, pictures, sense of humor, etsy
her signs are so sweet

i already blogged about LL
love her attitude on life
her boys, her jewelry, her pictures

she seems like a fun mama
love her pictures, colors, thursday art time, recipes

i'm sure i've blogged about el as well
i'm pretty sure she has to be a fun mama too
crazy about her pictures too
her boys & girl are too precious
her bags . . . love them!

what bloggers do you "spend time with"?
share your favorites with me!

Today I Love

* the boys playing outside past dinner . . . even if it means a later bed time on a school night.  these evenings have just been so nice.

* getting ready for crock pot dinners

* candy corn

* granny smith apples &  yummy dip

* reading when i can ~ it's less now that school has kicked in
Redeeming Love

* the way i feel AFTER i exercise

* that we're using way less baggies ~ i made about a dozen

* my new class

i strongly dislike homework, 6:30am, drying my hair

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On My Mind

her sweet heart ~
i really enjoy her blog & her jewelry too

trying to be a *jogger*

11 new 4 year olds to love on
and get to know

yummy goodness  thanks a lot julie!

salads salads salads

trying this out for lunches

i want to go apple picking
apple sauce, apple loaf, caramel apple cookies, OH MY!

longing for better time management

the ridiculous homework a sweet boy had tonight

hoping for one more pool weekend

anyone want to study with me

see how i can just bounce from one thing to the next
refer back to the time management issues!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

1st and 3rd

Tuesday morning:
Back to School Traditional Pictures

I'm not sure which is harder to believe . . .
that this guy is in FIRST grade
that this one is in THIRD!?!!

Happy Birthday Jacob

Birthdays around here go on and on and on!
So many celebrations
for such an amazing guy!

We started the day with yummy cinnamon rolls
in the shape of a "9".
We blow out candles then!

He opens some presents.
a favorite gift from a favorite friend

another favorite from his brother
they have played this every night
in the culdesac w/ the neighbor boys.
we'll need to buy more darts!
then it was lunch of his choice
Cheeburger Cheeburger!

If that wasn't enough celebrating
Jacob had a pool party that afternoon.

He can't wait to dive into his cake made by
famous baker JENN!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Special Stuff

Do you save your children's things?

How much do you save?!

Let's just say that I save it ALL. 
Well until the end of each year
and then I go through it all and

Recently I purged again
through all the years
of both boys.

I reorganized into crates
instead of big ole baggies
stacked one on top of the next.

I totally copied the idea!
But I took a few pics as I went along!

NEITHER of the boys have ever liked a tomato!
Even when he was 3!

They had the same teacher when they were in the 3 year old class.
So glad I kept these things!

I'm thinking this one would be good to frame
in case either of them should ever need reminding!

In case you are trying to read this it says,
"I can count to _____"
Isn't it ironic that they both counted to "29"!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Procrastining School Prep

by playing with our camera
i would love to take a photography class . . .
(in my *spare* time)

i found rainbows all over the house!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Glimpses of a Lived In Home

I took these pictures sometime last week
b/c everywhere I looked . . .
So instead of cleaning . . .






Loads & Loads of CLEAN laundry.

Craft Time