Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today I Love

* the boys playing outside past dinner . . . even if it means a later bed time on a school night.  these evenings have just been so nice.

* getting ready for crock pot dinners

* candy corn

* granny smith apples &  yummy dip

* reading when i can ~ it's less now that school has kicked in
Redeeming Love

* the way i feel AFTER i exercise

* that we're using way less baggies ~ i made about a dozen

* my new class

i strongly dislike homework, 6:30am, drying my hair


Jill said...

cute baggies!! :-)

I dislike 6:30am too! ;)

miss ya

Jen Jacobowitz said...

Oh Regina I looooove that book! It's my fave!

rebeccainric said...

I love that book!