Thursday, September 16, 2010

In My Spare Time . . .

I like to spend time in blog land gaining inspiration
(creative, parenting, Godly, etc.)
from these ladies that I don't even know.
I think it would be loads of fun
to spend the day with them all together!

i love her
crafts, girls, recipes, pictures, sense of humor, etsy
her signs are so sweet

i already blogged about LL
love her attitude on life
her boys, her jewelry, her pictures

she seems like a fun mama
love her pictures, colors, thursday art time, recipes

i'm sure i've blogged about el as well
i'm pretty sure she has to be a fun mama too
crazy about her pictures too
her boys & girl are too precious
her bags . . . love them!

what bloggers do you "spend time with"?
share your favorites with me!

1 comment:

mama b said...

here are a few of my favorites (many of mine are some of your favorites too!)

rachel denbow
ali edwards
make it and love it
beth moore
baby bangs (beth moore's daughter)
kelly's korner

hmmm...those are the ones off the top of my head.