Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Whole Lot of Randomness

* i'm pretty sure i had WAY too many coke 0's today
   my limit is 1 and today i have lost count!

* i couldn't be happier with the start of the school year. 
   i think the boys' teachers are good matches for them

* i just ate a bowl of fruity cheerios for dinner @ 8:45

* i picked up at least 5 dart tags from the cul de sac this morning
   wondering how many i'll pick up on the way home from the bus stop tomorrow

* i love the feeling i had last night after talking to my college best friend
   such security

* i don't care that i haven't taken out the trash or recycling for tomorrow morning

* i was completely overwelmed this afternoon with homework, house work, dinner, meeting
   so glad bj was here to "rescue" & wasn't bothered that i didn't have dinner ready for him

* i love the feeling of having nothing going on tomorrow ~
   then i can get "caught up" so i won't feel overwelmed

* i am filled with anticipation of going to Gelati Celesti tomorrow night

* i am hugely blessed with amazing friends
   many filling various needs

* i have already fallen away from the jogging efforts

* the loadS of clean laundry can wait one more day to be folded

* i think it's funny how many people are annoyed by stink bugs
   i haven't seen that many

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