Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On My Mind

her sweet heart ~
i really enjoy her blog & her jewelry too

trying to be a *jogger*

11 new 4 year olds to love on
and get to know

yummy goodness  thanks a lot julie!

salads salads salads

trying this out for lunches

i want to go apple picking
apple sauce, apple loaf, caramel apple cookies, OH MY!

longing for better time management

the ridiculous homework a sweet boy had tonight

hoping for one more pool weekend

anyone want to study with me

see how i can just bounce from one thing to the next
refer back to the time management issues!


Jill said...

have you already started the Jonah study?

mama b said...

several things:

ummm, those cupcakes look amazing.

i love LL so so much. i want every single piece of jewelry she makes! and i already have 2, so why am i so greedy? :)

we are dying to go to carter too! i want to go this weekend but it looks too warm - i want to go when there's a little nip in the air.

hope you've had a happy week!