Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Special Stuff

Do you save your children's things?

How much do you save?!

Let's just say that I save it ALL. 
Well until the end of each year
and then I go through it all and

Recently I purged again
through all the years
of both boys.

I reorganized into crates
instead of big ole baggies
stacked one on top of the next.

I totally copied the idea!
But I took a few pics as I went along!

NEITHER of the boys have ever liked a tomato!
Even when he was 3!

They had the same teacher when they were in the 3 year old class.
So glad I kept these things!

I'm thinking this one would be good to frame
in case either of them should ever need reminding!

In case you are trying to read this it says,
"I can count to _____"
Isn't it ironic that they both counted to "29"!

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Anonymous said...

Regina! of course who should be reading this blog, but their 3 year old teacher! I love those tiny handprints. They are becoming such fine young men.Happy b-day Jacob. Hi Ben! Love, Mrs. Hobbs