Monday, November 29, 2010

little turkeys

my take on the cheese ball turkey
at least it tasted good

Sunday, November 28, 2010

etsy browsing

a friend of a friend hosted a wonderful evening of
(Christmas decor that was no longer wanted
with something of someone elses that you did like)
(boxes to send to her brother in Afghanistan)
(appetizers & desserts)
mingling & chatting
(not many ladies I knew until now)

then our conversations turned to etsy
which tempted me to browse!
here is what i've found

i have a thing for subway art
for the boys' bathroom

this brother one is precious too
but our boys seem a little to old for it
a mama mentioned this phrase tonight
i'll have to work on something like it for the playroom

but in my mama's words yesterday
"you have your hands in too many pies"
so i'll think on these creations after i clean my hands
from my current projects

Saturday, November 27, 2010

five friday favs

 we went to yorktown for thanksgiving
p&bj have been talking about this place
it was a wonderful place to relax,
enjoy a change of scenery,
go for walks,
"enjoy the history", (jacob)
stick our feet in the sand
see lots of deer
take pictures of all things cozy & vintage
let the kids run & run

 pretty sure there is no need for explanation here!
my amazing school years girlfriend stopped by
i love visiting with her & catching up
let's just say owen was an added bonus!
i've seen this lip balm advertised
and haven't been able to find it
but then while shopping w/ mama
i found it at walmart!
(thanks mama)
i'm picky about my chapstick
this one goes on smooth
and has no funky gunk & goo

not sure i can thank the friend who introduced me to this place
but i really love it!
i found christmas presents
and loved the furniture

have i mentioned this stuff before?
Rimmel steel grey

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Truly Thankful

my family
latenights with said girlfriends
talk of tradition w/ a wise & nurturing woman
my salvation
time to create
running into mrs. hobbs
not having to cook for thanksgiving
sweet preschoolers & wonderful families
the first thing that came out of benben's mouth this morning
"happy thanksgiving"
jakerbaker is still sleeping
ben's teacher is (in his words) "getting a baby"
there's more but i have some boys to cuddle!

Enter his gates with thanksgiving
and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name.
Psalm 100:4

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

on my mind

* i totally wish i had thought of this before now . . .
   we'll do another day though
   what a fantastic idea

*  the cutest little pilgrims & indians
   are at NRPreK each year!

* sweet little gifts

* God's creativity

*  being introduced to Route 44 1/2 & 1/2 tea
   may not have been the best idea
   toss a yummy sausage burrito along with it
   hmmm . . . . way yummy & way bad!

* lovely ideas for Christmas ornaments for us to make together
   overwelming how many i'm finding!

* a fun discovery
   and we went to college together

* have you seen the humongo flower
   on the corner of
   Staples Mill & Hungry

*  getting to bed before 2am . . .
   even better, before midnight!
   hitting the hay NOW

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Today I Have

~ had meaningful phone conversations loved ones

~ made these adorable little gifts

~ meditated on these words

~ enjoyed a stay home jammer day

~ tried to make sense of the play/craft room

~ been thankful for prayers

~ cried with my ben ben after he fell of the trampoline
    & hit his head on the tree

~ gotten mad at our dog who chewed big honkin holes
    in our trampoline net

~ gotten excited about ministry

~ remembered a trip to panama years ago

~ not had much to eat b/c my stomach is yucky

~ purged out grown toys & trashed junky toys
   while the boys were at school

~ looked forward to bedtime
   so sleepy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


When we first moved in the boys really wanted to share a room and we were fine either way.  Honestly, we're still fine either way.  Jacob has been asking for the last few months for his own room.  The boys have really been fighting & getting on each other's nerves . . . I've heard that's how boys are supposed to be!  ;)  I have been telling them they can earn their own rooms by trying to get along better.  For the most part they have. 

So last night after going through a bunch of junk and sorting, it just made sense happened to go ahead with shifting it all around.  Ben's room will now be in the Craft Room and my craft stuff will move to the Play Room.  It's been a bigger ordeal than I set myself up for.  The furniture moving has truly been the easiest part!  It's the closets, toys, shoes, etc. . . . not to mention the craft room closet!  WHOAH 

Now I am taking a quick break to browse blogland/flickr for some pics of ideas to have a Playroom/Craftroom combo.  I need some inspiration that requires no money spent!  I may have to return to my Creation Staion as I referred to it in Roanoke.

i love this
simple. green. organized.
no ladybugs ~ not w/ these boys

 love that these are part in closets.
our playroom has a big ole closet
it may be a craft closet now

okay . . . i should get back to work!
the goal before i go to bed
is to have the boys' rooms & closets complete!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

on my mind

* doing projects at the last minute w/ a 3rd grader is not fun

* that 3rd grader mentioned that i remind him of the mom
   in Good Luck Charlie
   i really like her & i hope he meant it as a compliment!

* oh my yummy goodness
   Trader Joes has their white chocolate iced gingerbread men cookies
   get them now!

* reflections in philippians

* can't remember a time that a stinkin cold has gotten me that run down
   so thankful for finally feeling better!

* i've had so much crafting these last few days
  with things i've found around the house

* it's so adorable how excited little ben got
   when he found slip on shoes at a consignment shop
   "oh mommy mommy! please please!

* riding the trolley friday was so much fun
   for a long list of laughs!

* orange is quite possibly moving into a close 2nd
   for my favorite color next to apple or lime green

* maybe a nap is in order for this afternoon
   instead of crafting or grocery shopping

You are my Hope

these words were so refreshing this morning

You Are My Hope – Cory Asbury

By Jackson

You Are My Hope
Cory Asbury


To You, O Lord, I lift my soul; my God in whom I trust
Let me not be ashamed
‘Cause only You can deliver me from the hand of my strong enemy
Let me not be ashamed
No one who waits on the Lord will ever be put to shame
No one who waits on the Lord will ever be put to shame
You are, You are my hope; You are, You are my song
You are, You are my light; You are my salvation
All my hope’s in You, my strength, my song
All my hope’s in You, my strength, my song

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ben's Bday & Halloween

It's been a crazy week
and I'm finally getting around to posting pics
of our end of October Events

Our baby Ben turned 7
I truly can't believe it!

He is such a sweet, energetic, bundle.
He is constantly on the go.
Rainy days are rough because he is just itching to be active.
He doesn't sit down long.

 We celebrated w/ ice cream cupcakes from DQ
on his actual birthday.

 Then on Friday night he had a couple boys over
for a movie & sleepover.
Definitely our easiest & cheapest birthday party ever!

On to Halloween
Star Wars all around us!
 Fortunately they didn't both want the same costume.

 It was a beautiful night for Trick or Treating
even if we did try to go too early!
Notice how light it is!
 This is the cheezyness that I got when I said to let me see your faces.
 Some of our favorite friends.
Yeppers, another Star Wars dude!
 and for a little more added cuteness ~
the most adorable dino ever!
 way too bad I couldn't pull off Princess Leia. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

on my mind

* Christmas

* an extra day at home w/ my babes
    + 2 more little darlins

* conferences with the teachers

*  why can't benjamin keep up w/ his black socks

* my nutritional lunch yesterday
   wanna know what it was
   cheez its, pretzel m&ms, & coke0

* there's a new mcallisters in town
   the skamfam & schworms had a yummy time together

* jacob adjusting so well to his contacts
   at the urging & promising of his dr
   that it would really help his eyes

* think i'm really going to love the clothing/closet system
   i put into effect today

* i'm really behind in my jonah study . . . really behind

* could use another election day
   to stay home & get caught up on stuff

* could really do w/out the sore throat & pounding head

* it's so cute that ben loves to clean so much
   that he did his brother's chores today too

* love the "ownership" jacob took on cleaning their room
   without being asked
   and it looks amazing

Monday, November 1, 2010


i don't have a clue how to "winterize"
(unless you consider stressing about frozen pipes)
but i sure had fun bringing about some fall
to our house this weekend
pay NO attention to the lack of coordinating colors
how could i resist these PUMPKIN sheets
from *target* for only $2.48 per set
(i know how much you love orange
but they only had them in twin
believe me, i did think about you)
aren't they the cutest "pumpkins"?
i've called ben pumpkin since he was born
i still do
he's our october baby

(i found this post . . . not sure why it never made it on the blog
it's from the first weekend in october . . . . oops!)

Welcome November

Last year we all enjoyed sharing

Imagine my delight when I found another fun way
to remember all we are blessed with.
When I found it, it was only $1!
Ours is almost all hung up on the wall.

This is cute too.

Be Grateful!