Monday, November 1, 2010


i don't have a clue how to "winterize"
(unless you consider stressing about frozen pipes)
but i sure had fun bringing about some fall
to our house this weekend
pay NO attention to the lack of coordinating colors
how could i resist these PUMPKIN sheets
from *target* for only $2.48 per set
(i know how much you love orange
but they only had them in twin
believe me, i did think about you)
aren't they the cutest "pumpkins"?
i've called ben pumpkin since he was born
i still do
he's our october baby

(i found this post . . . not sure why it never made it on the blog
it's from the first weekend in october . . . . oops!)

1 comment:

Jill said...

Oh! WOW!!! I LOVE all of your orange things!! :-)
and I am SO happy that you referenced me in this post!!! :o)
you make me SO happy!
love you!