Sunday, November 14, 2010

on my mind

* doing projects at the last minute w/ a 3rd grader is not fun

* that 3rd grader mentioned that i remind him of the mom
   in Good Luck Charlie
   i really like her & i hope he meant it as a compliment!

* oh my yummy goodness
   Trader Joes has their white chocolate iced gingerbread men cookies
   get them now!

* reflections in philippians

* can't remember a time that a stinkin cold has gotten me that run down
   so thankful for finally feeling better!

* i've had so much crafting these last few days
  with things i've found around the house

* it's so adorable how excited little ben got
   when he found slip on shoes at a consignment shop
   "oh mommy mommy! please please!

* riding the trolley friday was so much fun
   for a long list of laughs!

* orange is quite possibly moving into a close 2nd
   for my favorite color next to apple or lime green

* maybe a nap is in order for this afternoon
   instead of crafting or grocery shopping

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