Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ben's Bday & Halloween

It's been a crazy week
and I'm finally getting around to posting pics
of our end of October Events

Our baby Ben turned 7
I truly can't believe it!

He is such a sweet, energetic, bundle.
He is constantly on the go.
Rainy days are rough because he is just itching to be active.
He doesn't sit down long.

 We celebrated w/ ice cream cupcakes from DQ
on his actual birthday.

 Then on Friday night he had a couple boys over
for a movie & sleepover.
Definitely our easiest & cheapest birthday party ever!

On to Halloween
Star Wars all around us!
 Fortunately they didn't both want the same costume.

 It was a beautiful night for Trick or Treating
even if we did try to go too early!
Notice how light it is!
 This is the cheezyness that I got when I said to let me see your faces.
 Some of our favorite friends.
Yeppers, another Star Wars dude!
 and for a little more added cuteness ~
the most adorable dino ever!
 way too bad I couldn't pull off Princess Leia. 

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