Wednesday, November 24, 2010

on my mind

* i totally wish i had thought of this before now . . .
   we'll do another day though
   what a fantastic idea

*  the cutest little pilgrims & indians
   are at NRPreK each year!

* sweet little gifts

* God's creativity

*  being introduced to Route 44 1/2 & 1/2 tea
   may not have been the best idea
   toss a yummy sausage burrito along with it
   hmmm . . . . way yummy & way bad!

* lovely ideas for Christmas ornaments for us to make together
   overwelming how many i'm finding!

* a fun discovery
   and we went to college together

* have you seen the humongo flower
   on the corner of
   Staples Mill & Hungry

*  getting to bed before 2am . . .
   even better, before midnight!
   hitting the hay NOW

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