Tuesday, November 16, 2010


When we first moved in the boys really wanted to share a room and we were fine either way.  Honestly, we're still fine either way.  Jacob has been asking for the last few months for his own room.  The boys have really been fighting & getting on each other's nerves . . . I've heard that's how boys are supposed to be!  ;)  I have been telling them they can earn their own rooms by trying to get along better.  For the most part they have. 

So last night after going through a bunch of junk and sorting, it just made sense happened to go ahead with shifting it all around.  Ben's room will now be in the Craft Room and my craft stuff will move to the Play Room.  It's been a bigger ordeal than I set myself up for.  The furniture moving has truly been the easiest part!  It's the closets, toys, shoes, etc. . . . not to mention the craft room closet!  WHOAH 

Now I am taking a quick break to browse blogland/flickr for some pics of ideas to have a Playroom/Craftroom combo.  I need some inspiration that requires no money spent!  I may have to return to my Creation Staion as I referred to it in Roanoke.

i love this
simple. green. organized.
no ladybugs ~ not w/ these boys

 love that these are part in closets.
our playroom has a big ole closet
it may be a craft closet now

okay . . . i should get back to work!
the goal before i go to bed
is to have the boys' rooms & closets complete!


Janell said...

I was just randomly on the computer looking for ladybug ideas for our daughter and came across your blog....LOVE IT!! Where did you find the playroom idea? I would love to know more about it! Thanks so much

Janell said...

I just happened to come across your blog when I was looking for ladybug ideas for our daughter. I would love to know where you got the picture of the ladybug playroom...thanks so much....LOVE your blog....you have great ideas for scrapbooking too!! Thanks. Janell

April said...