Sunday, May 30, 2010

Today I Love

~ our garden . . . it's growing! yipee. i can not wait to pick tomatoes & cucumbers especially.

~ that the storms (that were predicted) all stayed away so we could enjoy ALL day at the pool

~ NRPreK graduation night . . . such bittersweet feelings. precious children, wonderful parents, fabulous year, amazing team

~ a long weekend

~ cuddly little boys

~ soft beach towels

~ girlfriends that stay over late to offer hands to complete projects

~ jacob's raspy voice . . . he has a frog in his throat. he sounds so cute when he talks but i do hope he isn't getting sick

~ the teachers i am blessed to serve on staff with.

~ my sweet father-in-law who works so hard in our yard. around the mail box is all cleaned up from the ugly old dead tulip stems. talk about a servant!

i don't love ~ sunburns, whining, mosquito bites, ghostbusters (oops), consession stands fully stocked w/ HIGH amounts of high fructose corn syrup, migraines (especially those of little boys)

Wrap Me In Your Arms

This morning wasn't the first time that I heard these words but they spoke to me today just as they did the last time. 

There is a God who loves me

Who wraps me in His arms

And that is the place where I'm changed

And that's where I belong


Take me to that place Lord

To that secret place where

I can be with You

You can make me like You

Wrap me in Your arms

Wrap me in Your arms

Wrap me in your arms
What a reassuring promise filled with beautiful words. I especially enjoyed worshiping right beside Jacob. I can't help but be encouraged by the Lord with the tender voice of our 8 year old right beside me.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hands at Work

She sets about her work vigorously;
her arms are strong for her tasks.
Proverbs 31:17

Last weekend we came home with yet another few flats of strawberries.  Ben really enjoys strawberry picking so we made a trip to a different patch.  The first weekend of capping strawberries it didn't seem to take so long but this last weekend . . . whew . . . I felt like I stood over that counter all day.  Turns out it was just a couple of hours. 
Standing there got me to thinking about my precious, hard working Granny, her large hands, and the hospitality she blessed others with.  Who knows how many strawberries she capped, beans she strung, corn she shucked, tobacco she tied, etc.  She made & canned so much from their big garden.  She was an amazing, dedicated worker, serving God, her family & friends.
I know Granny knew how much I looked up to her and longed to be as dedicated as she was.  As I grow older though and now have boys of our own, I look up to her even more. 
One thing I do know is that no matter what I do, my hands will never look as beautiful & hard worked as hers did.  Those same hands tenderly taught me basics in sewing and even helped my make my wedding veil. 
She taught me so much and set an amazing example of a God -Fearing follower, Wife, & Mama.  I have a long way to go but I'll give it my best!

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,
as working for the Lord, no for men.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today I Love

~ going strawberry picking 2 weekends in a row.

~ running into one of our favorite families while we were there

~ watching & listening to the cousins all play together

~ my man, our boys, our families, our God

~ God's reassuring, faithful, true Word

~ my senses being on overload.  the night breeze feels wonderful, the sound of the calm rain is peaceful, our kitchen smelling like a humonous strawberry

~ the anticipation of summer . . . i can feel it!

~ getting invited to some friends' house for lunch & a swim

~ the sermon in church this morning

~ our busy day packed with fun, friends, exercise, yummy food, celebrations

Friday, May 21, 2010

project 365 will have less than 365 pictures

Chik Fil A is a meal at least once a week in our home.
I can't cook for that price when we have all those amazing coupons.

What's a great distraction for a tired 6 year old?
Bubble Baths still work great!

Crab Soccer

Strawberry Picking
We didn't pick too much b/c Ben wants to go
again this coming weekend with the other set of grandparents.

Sunday was such a beautiful day.
I "had" to sleep in and then the boys spent much of the morning
painting their canvases to make a tee pee.
I can't wait to have it finished.

One yummy treat to enjoy our strawberries with ~
Strawberry Shortcake!

Check out this humongous pile of laundry.
It's a result of PROCRASTINATION!

Ironically enough,
I had gotten in the car to leave for pre-school,
remembered I left my Bible on our bed.
So I went back to get it so
Roxy wouldn't be tempted to "enjoy" it.
Instead I found her "BOWing" down in front of it.

The best way to cool off on a hot day
kiddie pool & popsicles!
what a treat!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Today I Love . . .

~ Jumping on the Trampoline

~ Helping Ben relax with a Bubble Bath

~ the employees at Home Depot (they are so eager to help)

~ playing tether ball with Jacob (& winning)

~ getting the wheels turning for some fun summer camps for some awesome preschoolers

~ ONU jewelry . . . thanks Tina

~ a beach club sub from Jimmy Johns

~ strawberry picking

~ composting

~ gardening

~ going back to bed on a rainy day after getting the boys off to school . . . it was so dark & cozy

~ making a yummy healthy meal for our family . . . it doesn't happen often. 

~ having the humongous pile of laundry folded & put away

~ the sweet little helper who put lots of the laundry away

~ the amazing little boy who did his homework w/out being prodded and then cleaned the playroom w/out being asked.

~ thinking about the anticipation little B has b/c he's going to a play date at his girl friend's house . . . (not girlfriend's ~ she's a girl and a friend).  he painted her a flower pot for her birthday.  so sweet.

and just for the record ~ Today I Hate ~ tics, pollen, onion breath, talking back, & laundry

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer Fever

I am so excited about summer and being HOME w/ the boys.  I love all that summer has to offer us. 

Longer days
Together time
NO homework
fresh veggies from our very own garden.  i'm really looking forward to making salsa, spaghetti sauce, etc
picnics at the parks
lightening bugs

time to make things ;)  these are among a few on my list ~

I've shown this before but I'm bound & determined to get this made SOON!

I've also been pricing rain barrels for a LONG time.  They are expensive although I'm sure worth their cost over a short period of time if you get enough rain.  But there are plenty of plans online to make your own and way more affordable.  We'll see! Our amazing former neighbors also have some plans.  He said he'd help us out!

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Hard Prayer to Pray

May this be my prayer ~

May these words bless you ~

This is a prayer of Betty Scott Stam's and found in Elisabeth Elliot's Let Me Be A Woman.

"Lord, I give up all my own plans and purposes, all my own desires and hopes, anad accept Your will for my life. I give myself, my life, my all utterly to You to be Yours forever. Fill me and seal me with Your Holy Spirit. Use me as You want, send me where You want, work out Your whole will in my life at any cost, now and forever."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

I'll start with the bad ~

~ waking up at 5:45 and not being able to get back to sleep
~ forgetting to take allergy medicine
~ a precious & curious little red headed 4 year old practically giving me a heart attack
~ a grouchy mommy this afternoon (me, not my mother!)
~ having absolutely NO desire at all to cook dinner
~ a silly dog that would NOT come out of the rain earlier tonight
~ thinking about our wise Granny & missing her so

now with the Good ~ it far outweighs the bad!

~ a wonderful time spent in God's word this morning. Psalms is of course amazing and I'm really enjoying studying Jonah
~ 2 boys that got up & ready so nicely for school this morning. this is a rare occurance
~ that same curious precious little is okay
~ lunch with a super duper girlfriend who is such a fantastic listener, encourager, etc.
~ finding a coupon that made that lunch OH SO CHEAP . . . $3!
~ 2 sweet boys that didn't complain much when I said we "needed" a quick trip to Target
~ free samples of strawberry fraps at Target's Starbucks ~ a perfect treat to hold the boys over until dinner
~ ChikFilA for dinner which means Mama got her sweet tea! (I order it "split" now)
~ we're getting rain! it smells so good
~ being so tired that I'm planning to hit the hay at the same time as the boys!
~ looking at our pretty daisys every time we go up & down the steps outside

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today I Love

taking these little darlins to the park
watching them ride their bikes
going for a walk
swinging, climbing, sliding, running, laughing

my momagenda calendar

these pens write so well

the trader joes mint chocolate chip ice cream is yummy
what isn't yummy at trader joes?!

our daisys look wonderful
we have orange, yellow, & pink ones out front

these are such a yummy treat
i won't share mine though with the boys

i'm trying to go longer without my chik fil a sweet tea
i love this stuff!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

pictures, pictures, pictures

4-20 Ben's 1st T-ball game. He loved it. His only request prior to the game was that NOBODY yell his name! Parents & Grandparents all complied. He didn't hear our friend! 4-23 Painting flower pots. This was amazing ~ the boys spent over an hour working on these and I enjoyed listening to their conversation. So sweet.

4-24 We have a rock star in our house. Both of the boys enjoy "geling" their hair.
4-25 When we came home from church JM had this waiting on the porch for the boys. He heard Roxy barking & barking like crazy. When he went to see what all the comotion was about he found "Tiny Tim".

4-26 I really have enjoyed all the "GREEN" as we look out our back windows. It's all so pretty.

4-27 I'm so glad the boys found the "Dress Up Box" in the garage. They had so much mixing & matching costumes. Thankful they're not "too old" for this type of fun.
4-28 A note that Ben brought home from school. Translated it reads, "I Love you mom. When
I get home can you make a special snack?" Of course I "whipped up something special"! 5-1 Our friends Daniel & Jill come for a visit. This is the only picture I got. We all had a blast!


5-3 Our garden! I even worked in some of our compost! I can't wait to start picking cucumbers & tomatoes!5-4 HOMERUN!
5-5 the Outdoor Skammer Barber Shop
5-7 Pizza, Barnes & Noble, Star Wars, Ice Cream & a Sleepover 5-9 A proud Mommy to 2 Amazing boys

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today I Love

~ new recipes . . . 2 in fact this week so far! yummy Granola Bars & Jenn's Sloppy Joe

~ our garden . . . I worked hard on Monday and got really dirty. My Papa will be proud!

~ God as our source of refuge & strength

~ thinking about summer plans

~ the past lazy weekend catching up with a girlfriend from "home"

~ phone conversations w/ family & friends

~ Chik-Fil-A sweet tea . . . it's become an slight addiction

~ our new coffee pot and waking up to a cozy Hazelnut smell

~ our 1 month free Netflix trial membership

~ our boys' teachers . . . hope this isn't the only week they feel appreciated

~ this song by travis cottrell . . . thanks jennifer!

~ picnics at Meadow Farm Park

~ the sweet things that preschoolers come up with & say

~ the thought of SLEEPING IN . . . I hope I get to experience it this weekend!