Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today I Love

taking these little darlins to the park
watching them ride their bikes
going for a walk
swinging, climbing, sliding, running, laughing

my momagenda calendar

these pens write so well

the trader joes mint chocolate chip ice cream is yummy
what isn't yummy at trader joes?!

our daisys look wonderful
we have orange, yellow, & pink ones out front

these are such a yummy treat
i won't share mine though with the boys

i'm trying to go longer without my chik fil a sweet tea
i love this stuff!

1 comment:

Angela McKinney said...

I bought a big bag of those m&m's at the m&m store in New York. My kids wanted some and I only gave one to each of them. I am not very good at sharing my m&m's. I hide them at the top of a cabinet. I have too many children and they would devour them quickly :)