Monday, May 17, 2010

Today I Love . . .

~ Jumping on the Trampoline

~ Helping Ben relax with a Bubble Bath

~ the employees at Home Depot (they are so eager to help)

~ playing tether ball with Jacob (& winning)

~ getting the wheels turning for some fun summer camps for some awesome preschoolers

~ ONU jewelry . . . thanks Tina

~ a beach club sub from Jimmy Johns

~ strawberry picking

~ composting

~ gardening

~ going back to bed on a rainy day after getting the boys off to school . . . it was so dark & cozy

~ making a yummy healthy meal for our family . . . it doesn't happen often. 

~ having the humongous pile of laundry folded & put away

~ the sweet little helper who put lots of the laundry away

~ the amazing little boy who did his homework w/out being prodded and then cleaned the playroom w/out being asked.

~ thinking about the anticipation little B has b/c he's going to a play date at his girl friend's house . . . (not girlfriend's ~ she's a girl and a friend).  he painted her a flower pot for her birthday.  so sweet.

and just for the record ~ Today I Hate ~ tics, pollen, onion breath, talking back, & laundry

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