Sunday, May 9, 2010

pictures, pictures, pictures

4-20 Ben's 1st T-ball game. He loved it. His only request prior to the game was that NOBODY yell his name! Parents & Grandparents all complied. He didn't hear our friend! 4-23 Painting flower pots. This was amazing ~ the boys spent over an hour working on these and I enjoyed listening to their conversation. So sweet.

4-24 We have a rock star in our house. Both of the boys enjoy "geling" their hair.
4-25 When we came home from church JM had this waiting on the porch for the boys. He heard Roxy barking & barking like crazy. When he went to see what all the comotion was about he found "Tiny Tim".

4-26 I really have enjoyed all the "GREEN" as we look out our back windows. It's all so pretty.

4-27 I'm so glad the boys found the "Dress Up Box" in the garage. They had so much mixing & matching costumes. Thankful they're not "too old" for this type of fun.
4-28 A note that Ben brought home from school. Translated it reads, "I Love you mom. When
I get home can you make a special snack?" Of course I "whipped up something special"! 5-1 Our friends Daniel & Jill come for a visit. This is the only picture I got. We all had a blast!


5-3 Our garden! I even worked in some of our compost! I can't wait to start picking cucumbers & tomatoes!5-4 HOMERUN!
5-5 the Outdoor Skammer Barber Shop
5-7 Pizza, Barnes & Noble, Star Wars, Ice Cream & a Sleepover 5-9 A proud Mommy to 2 Amazing boys


Jill said...

great pic of you and the boys!!! and oddly enough... great pic of Roxy in there too :-)
miss you guys. last weekend spoiled us :)
hope to hang out again soon!
love ya!

Jenn said...

All of those pictures are beautiful - of course, my favorite one is of you and the boys...just precious!