Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cake Pops Anyone?

Have you seen her stuff?
Who has time to create these amazing yummies?!
Well I tried to this summer . . . and FAILED
at making the Back to School Pops.
Then I said I would NEVER try them again.
Until JenCobo sent her boy to school w/ one for me.
and it was delicious!

So today I have plenty of time to try them again.
Well after a contact or 2 with bakercobo & her help.
So here we have our Valentine Snowball Cake Pops.
And yes, they were worth the 2nd try.
I will make more.
another day

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picture Catch Up

So maybe I didn't entirely give up on Project365 . . .

6 ~ Whenever Daddy returns from a trip, he has something special for his boys. Usually the gifts are free! The boys never know though!
8 ~ Friday Famiy Fun Night ~ we loved this movie!
9 ~ Jacob's First Basketball Game. This is where he caught the pass and shot and scored!
12 ~ Boys Boys Boys! Two are ours, 2 are family friends that come home every day to our house until their sweet mamas can come get them and 2 are neighbors. I love the action that fills our back yard. It was way cute for them to have a picnic snack. I think I may have to buy stock in Goldfish!

After chatting with Alisa this morning, maybe I'll get on it and take more pictures!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brought to you by the Letter . . .

Our collection has grown since last year!
Thanks to some thoughtful gifts
and finding some good deals on them.
I have a few more to put up
that I modged podged over the weekend.
If you spot an "S" let me know where!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 365

1 ~ Two sweet precious boys at the end of a rough rough day. New Year's Day was especially rough as far as getting along goes. Mama had a lot of apologizing to do b/c of the ugly response to their disobedience & disrespect. We're just going to chalk it up to staying up late the night before and the anxiety of JM being on a trip. This was a sweet image to end the day on!2 ~ Scott was kind enough to "tweet" a pic of JM. He is in Atlanta for the Passion 2010 Conference. Here the boys are taking a peek at him . . . he looked very cold & happy! Thanks Scott ~ this was a fun way to see him!3 ~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting Christmas Cards. This year our pile consisted of mainly Picture Cards. How beautiful! We did get a few of the traditional cards as well. I plan to do what we did a few years ago with them all. Each night when we gather to pray either at night or dinner or whenever, we'll choose a card from our stack and lift up that family specifically. It's a fun way to keep those Christmas Cards out for a longer time and really enjoy them. 4 ~ Wouldn't you like to know what this little girl has gotten into tonight? I have no idea what is all over her nose but we really need to be watching her closely. She's just gotten over a stomach issue and I'm sure it has to do w/ a combination of her curiosity & taste buds. I boiled organic rice & chicken for this little girl to help get her tummy back to feeling better. I never thought I'd be doing that for a DOG!
That's gonna do it for this round.

Teacher Treats

If you are not new to my blog you may remember these.
Well this year was no different.*

The boys had these little buckets in tow this cold morning
as they entered school
They are almost the same as last year
but we added a little gift card for some soup at Panera.

I think it's fun for the teachers to have a little treat
to welcome them back after the Christmas break.
It's not much but a fun little surprise for them.

*except i just realized that i left the wonderful amazing yogi tea on the counter.
how could i forget that?! oh well

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Good Good Night

We rang in the new year with friends last night.
Some longtime & some new!

When I saw this adorable idea, I had to copy it.
I took them for the winners of the game tournament
that JM created for us.
She even had a free download for the tags.
That made them even simpler!I had to make one fancy for the boys
to take to their "party" at the GrandSkammers.
Happy New Year Friends!
I'm thinking of attempting my own version of Project 365.
We shall see!
If you have suggestions or tips please share.
edit ~ thanks jill!
fyi they are bottles of sparkling grape juice