Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 365

1 ~ Two sweet precious boys at the end of a rough rough day. New Year's Day was especially rough as far as getting along goes. Mama had a lot of apologizing to do b/c of the ugly response to their disobedience & disrespect. We're just going to chalk it up to staying up late the night before and the anxiety of JM being on a trip. This was a sweet image to end the day on!2 ~ Scott was kind enough to "tweet" a pic of JM. He is in Atlanta for the Passion 2010 Conference. Here the boys are taking a peek at him . . . he looked very cold & happy! Thanks Scott ~ this was a fun way to see him!3 ~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting Christmas Cards. This year our pile consisted of mainly Picture Cards. How beautiful! We did get a few of the traditional cards as well. I plan to do what we did a few years ago with them all. Each night when we gather to pray either at night or dinner or whenever, we'll choose a card from our stack and lift up that family specifically. It's a fun way to keep those Christmas Cards out for a longer time and really enjoy them. 4 ~ Wouldn't you like to know what this little girl has gotten into tonight? I have no idea what is all over her nose but we really need to be watching her closely. She's just gotten over a stomach issue and I'm sure it has to do w/ a combination of her curiosity & taste buds. I boiled organic rice & chicken for this little girl to help get her tummy back to feeling better. I never thought I'd be doing that for a DOG!
That's gonna do it for this round.

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mama b said...

you're off to an awesome start!! woohooo! i forgot to also mention that one thing i love so much about P365 is that if i had an event that i wanted to make a layout around (birthday parties, berry picking, etc), i did it on a 12x12 in a page protector and stuck it right with the week of pictures. i loved that process! it gave me the best of both worlds...the easy, quick way to document every single day, but still be able to scrapbook family events that i wanted to show more of.