Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picture Catch Up

So maybe I didn't entirely give up on Project365 . . .

6 ~ Whenever Daddy returns from a trip, he has something special for his boys. Usually the gifts are free! The boys never know though!
8 ~ Friday Famiy Fun Night ~ we loved this movie!
9 ~ Jacob's First Basketball Game. This is where he caught the pass and shot and scored!
12 ~ Boys Boys Boys! Two are ours, 2 are family friends that come home every day to our house until their sweet mamas can come get them and 2 are neighbors. I love the action that fills our back yard. It was way cute for them to have a picnic snack. I think I may have to buy stock in Goldfish!

After chatting with Alisa this morning, maybe I'll get on it and take more pictures!


mama b said...

you can do it!! if i ever missed a day here and there, i'd take a random shot of a corner of our home that tells a story...last week it was our fridge covered in pictures and LM art. sometimes it's piles of laundry. that is the stuff that will feel like a time capsule later! :)

we're having a movie night at church in a couple weeks and we're showing Cloudy...i'm just ordering pizza but it's killing me not to make a gigantic batch of spaghetti and meatballs - that looks like an awesome family night yall had!

Jill said...

love the pics!! So glad to see you blogging again! :-) keep it up!