Friday, January 1, 2010

A Good Good Night

We rang in the new year with friends last night.
Some longtime & some new!

When I saw this adorable idea, I had to copy it.
I took them for the winners of the game tournament
that JM created for us.
She even had a free download for the tags.
That made them even simpler!I had to make one fancy for the boys
to take to their "party" at the GrandSkammers.
Happy New Year Friends!
I'm thinking of attempting my own version of Project 365.
We shall see!
If you have suggestions or tips please share.
edit ~ thanks jill!
fyi they are bottles of sparkling grape juice


Jill said...

you didn't mention what was IN the bottles ;)

mama b said...

i attempted project 365 last year but only kept it going until may. it was super hard to do on my own, but i love the idea so much. i begged for project life for christmas and was very happy to see a slip of paper under the tree telling me it is coming my way. :) it should get here next week. i'll let you know how i like it.

are you printing off the cards from the free download she gave out last year? that was the hardest part to keep up with for me, and then i wasn't as motivated to take a picture every day. but while i did it, it was worth it. i just got lazy. :(