Monday, December 28, 2009

If I were Oprah

. . . and I could give away my favorite things.

This is what I would give you!

I love my new 180's. My friend Melissa introduced them to me on the youth fall retreat. They are warm & soft & not bulky. They have them at Marshall's for only $7.99. I have them in brown & black. Well now just brown b/c I did give them away to my mama.
One of my favorite NON homemade yummy treat is the tasty White Fudged Gingerbread Men from Trader Joes. Have you tasted them? Go grab a box while they still have them!

Also recently introduced to me is some fabulous Lip Gloss by Maybelline. I'm not a huge lip color fan but I love "Touch of Toffee".
Have you seen the Sharpie Pens? I love the way they write. They come in fun colors too.
The Eucerin lip creme has been especially helpful with Ben's chapped skin. It's been bad ~ raw, red, sore. We apply some of the creme and in a short time it's remarkably better. We just need to remember to reapply especially before going outside. We also use similar stuff on Jacob's hands. We were very smart when playing in the snow and put it on every time before he put his gloves on. His hands have not gotten to rough & raw this winter. It's a tad pricey but worth it!
I know this was a totally random post. I was just thinking (while we waited & waited for car inspections) about all these simple pleasures. Some of them are on our shopping list as we need to restock.