Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Claus?

John Mark just sent me this article and he titled it "Maybe it's a Good Thing Jacob doesn't Believe in Santa". We've been really laid back about the entire Santa thing. We've never taken the boys to sit on Santa's lap. His name is discussed every year but we always have simply left it up to the boys' thoughts.

I like this article and it makes me even happier that we've never "pushed" Santa (nor have we discouraged it).


mama b said...

i am so glad you linked that article! i've been feeling like we've possibly taken our no-santa thing too seriously, but that encourages me that we are definitely doing the right thing. this might sound too extreme, but i truly believe that satan must be really tickled that americans have used santa to completely distract us from the real hero of Christmas. he just must be so delighted that children are much more focused on santa than on our Savior! it makes my heart so so sad to know that we have all worshipped santa much more than our sweet Jesus.

i also wonder that if older children find out that adults white-lie about santa, do they then think that we may be lying about Jesus? do they sometimes think that Jesus is make-believe too?

i could go on and on, but i'm so glad to have read that! thank you for sharing!!

kheaney said...

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