Friday, February 26, 2010

pics & catch up

A few of you have mentioned & noticed my lack of blogging & facebooking. Truth is I haven't really missed it . . . especially the facebooking. I'll try to catch you up on some 365 pics though.

47 ~ Ben's Kindergarten teacher instructed the children to write a love note. She later told me that she felt it necessary to be really specific that the love note needed to be to a family member. She too found a Doodled "B+I" on a dry erase board. Like I said . . . where does he get this stuff?!
48 ~ I love this picture. Isn't it crazy that these boys are outside SLEDDING in short sleeves and Sam even has on shorts.

49 ~ The boys with their teachers at the Fun Run Training. Ben is training and Jacob is cheering him on.

50 ~ on of our favorite School Theme days! Ben's 100 Day collection consisted of Gift Cards. He definitely had the most from Target. There were lots of other fun shopping & food places too. I'm sure we'll continue collecting. He really enjoys them. This is him putting them into groups of ten.

51 ~ and even in 2nd grade we get to celebrate 100th day. Their task was to put 100 of any item into a plastic bottle. Each child had to include clues for the rest of the class to guess the contents. Jacob chose toothpicks for his guessing bottle.

52 ~ Granny & Poppy came for a visit over the weekend and always have "Funnies" for the boys to enjoy. This was a sweet scene to come into one night this week.

53 ~ Look at those adorable little piggies. (don't look at the dirt)

54 ~ Goodnight Jacob . . . Goodnight Roxy.
55 ~ 2:30 pm means HUNGRY BOYS! Look at those happy faces!
56 ~ Sam is helping the boys with their Kindergarten fun.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


39 ~ This reader LOVES "Dead Bunnies" by Brian Currie. You should read it too!

40 ~ This is my disaster of a craft room. I hope to make it more condusive for creating soon! It's harder than I thought it would be.

41 ~ The message we got at 7:35 am and school starts at 7:55 . . . hmmm. We thankfully did not put the boys on the bus nor had we left to take them to school.

42 ~ Valentine treats for everyone. We spent a lot of time making Valentines this year. Way more than usual but we had lots of time due to all the snow days.

43 ~ Wing Night + Olympic Opening Ceremonies = Happy Messy Boys

44 ~ Jacob is playing another good game. He was really "on" Saturday and such an encouraging team mate too.

45 ~ Ben is in love. Leading up to Valentines Day he drew a Heart in the snow w/ B + I inside it. Then he proceeded to make sure that I knew what that meant. I said "yeah, it means Ben & Isabel". He said "No mommy, it means Ben loves Isabel. I love her Mommy." Where does he get this stuff because his big brother that he looks up to definitely isn't interested in girls. At least today when he drew these hearts, he drew the one w/ my initial first & bigger. I can only hope that means more!

46 ~ Trader Joes gave away a dozen roses to each shopper. How nice!

Monday, February 8, 2010


We managed to play in the "non-playing type" snow yesterday.
I showed the boys how to make bricks.

After a while they were done so I stopped building too.
Maybe we'll head out later today to add onto our fort.

38 ~ But for now we can crouch down and hide behind a wall.

and peep through the hole.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project 365

I've really skipped a few days here & there ~
I really want to stay on track w/ the 365 project.
I love the idea!

19 ~ my boy & a best friend on a 60 degree day = beautiful!

20 ~ any given day at our house! we really try to emphasize "keep them in the playroom!"

29 ~ my 2nd attempt and these delicious treats. they worked!

30 ~ the 2nd snowstorm in "these parts". i'm such a mean mama though. i told the boys it was way to cold for them to play outside and besides, this snow really isn't the "playing type". (please don't ask me what the "playing type" is!)

31 ~ this amazing daddy plays with our boys in the snow. (even when it's too cold and not the playing type)

32 ~ lots of picnic dinner / movie nights for us this week. this one was yummy breakfast sandwiches made by daddy & fruit for dinner.

33 ~ after days of a bad cold and hours playing in the chik-fil-a playground I realize this little pumpkin has a fever. i'm a bad mama! poor little man has a double ear infection and fell asleep on the couch at 7.

and on a sweet note, sat up in our bed the next morning and said "wow, i feel much better today"!

34 ~ all these snow days have also allowed for extra play time w/ cousins. it's a pretty intense game of super mario bros!

35 ~ Happy Birthday Papaw. I know this picture is not the best but it's lots of love!

36 ~ and it's snowing AGAIN! apparently it tastes pretty good too.

37 ~ and the boys are off to the UR basketball game. it's truly a boys day w/ daddy & papaw too!