Tuesday, February 16, 2010


39 ~ This reader LOVES "Dead Bunnies" by Brian Currie. You should read it too!

40 ~ This is my disaster of a craft room. I hope to make it more condusive for creating soon! It's harder than I thought it would be.

41 ~ The message we got at 7:35 am and school starts at 7:55 . . . hmmm. We thankfully did not put the boys on the bus nor had we left to take them to school.

42 ~ Valentine treats for everyone. We spent a lot of time making Valentines this year. Way more than usual but we had lots of time due to all the snow days.

43 ~ Wing Night + Olympic Opening Ceremonies = Happy Messy Boys

44 ~ Jacob is playing another good game. He was really "on" Saturday and such an encouraging team mate too.

45 ~ Ben is in love. Leading up to Valentines Day he drew a Heart in the snow w/ B + I inside it. Then he proceeded to make sure that I knew what that meant. I said "yeah, it means Ben & Isabel". He said "No mommy, it means Ben loves Isabel. I love her Mommy." Where does he get this stuff because his big brother that he looks up to definitely isn't interested in girls. At least today when he drew these hearts, he drew the one w/ my initial first & bigger. I can only hope that means more!

46 ~ Trader Joes gave away a dozen roses to each shopper. How nice!

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