Friday, February 26, 2010

pics & catch up

A few of you have mentioned & noticed my lack of blogging & facebooking. Truth is I haven't really missed it . . . especially the facebooking. I'll try to catch you up on some 365 pics though.

47 ~ Ben's Kindergarten teacher instructed the children to write a love note. She later told me that she felt it necessary to be really specific that the love note needed to be to a family member. She too found a Doodled "B+I" on a dry erase board. Like I said . . . where does he get this stuff?!
48 ~ I love this picture. Isn't it crazy that these boys are outside SLEDDING in short sleeves and Sam even has on shorts.

49 ~ The boys with their teachers at the Fun Run Training. Ben is training and Jacob is cheering him on.

50 ~ on of our favorite School Theme days! Ben's 100 Day collection consisted of Gift Cards. He definitely had the most from Target. There were lots of other fun shopping & food places too. I'm sure we'll continue collecting. He really enjoys them. This is him putting them into groups of ten.

51 ~ and even in 2nd grade we get to celebrate 100th day. Their task was to put 100 of any item into a plastic bottle. Each child had to include clues for the rest of the class to guess the contents. Jacob chose toothpicks for his guessing bottle.

52 ~ Granny & Poppy came for a visit over the weekend and always have "Funnies" for the boys to enjoy. This was a sweet scene to come into one night this week.

53 ~ Look at those adorable little piggies. (don't look at the dirt)

54 ~ Goodnight Jacob . . . Goodnight Roxy.
55 ~ 2:30 pm means HUNGRY BOYS! Look at those happy faces!
56 ~ Sam is helping the boys with their Kindergarten fun.

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