Friday, September 30, 2011

Five Friday Favs

Carter Mountain 
with friends

* * * * * 

early morning walks & talks

* * * * * 

cozy smelling house
b/c of all the apple baking recipes
apple loaf bread, apple cinnamon chip cookies, apple turnovers

* * * * * 

have you had

the influence of a 5 year old
thanks to abby for bringing it for HER snack
now the skamfam has devoured 3 boxes in a week
great snack for the boy's at school
great for breakfast
. . .
and for dinner!

* * * * *

If you do not STAND FIRM
in your Faith,
you will not stand at all.
Is 7:9

Friday, September 16, 2011

five friday favs

love this commercial

* * * * * 

angela thomas has no idea
how much her book
has encouraged me
in a friend's words,
the best reference book for single mamas

i agree

* * * * * 

stretchy head bands

* * * * * 

throwing the football 
w/ jacob
while we wait for ben at practice

* * * * * 

the bouquet of gerber daisies
a sweet new little friend brought to me
the first day of school
her mama & grandma remembered my favorite
from when i had her big sister years ago

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hootie hoo

in our pre school each room has their own theme.
for years i've been all transportation.
fire truck, police car, ice cream truck, bug, you get the idea
then there was the ocean animal year
and years ago i had a room of frogs

well this year my room is all about owls
boy did i pick the right year to make that my classroom theme
owls are everywhere!
it's been easy decking my room out in colorful owls
i was thrilled when one of my families gave me a box of tissues w/ owls all around it
i had to decorate my humongo bottle of hand sanitizer with an owl
just some "goo be gone" to get rid of the labels
some scrap papers, scrap ribbon, & my cricut
now i have this

i love it ~ "whooo needs germs?!"

it's kind of a joke w/ a couple of the teachers
when they need me
they just call out
"hootie hoo"

whoooo is wise
He who listens to advice
and accepts instruction.
Proverbs 19:20

Saturday, September 10, 2011

back to school

many of you know the dread i had
when thinking about returning to school
most of that left the day those yellow postcards arrived
with their teachers' names on them
i really screamed and jumped up & down
when i saw who they got
squealed i tell ya!!

*i say most of the dread left
b/c i still dislike
alarm clocks

j & ms. kendrick

b & mrs. koontz

and at 6:30 am these boys were ready!!
head to toe
contacts, teeth brushed, socks & shoes

 breakfast, backpacks, & lunch boxes

dark & stormy morning

i've got a feeling
that this is gonna be a good year!!

10 . . . seriously

for a few weeks leading up to j's bday,
i kept thinking
WOW ~ 10 . . . it's a big deal
double digits
i don't feel old enough to have a 10 year old!

  10 years ago this dark haired blessing
melted our hearts

and that grin right there
can turn any other person's frown upside down!
and may even keep him from getting in trouble for a wrong choice

he's a little mischievious
very curious
completely charming

 this one makes me laugh
see what i mean?!

but back to 10 years ago
b/c of some blood work or something
i really can't remember the details
the nurses brought him to us 
with a medicine cup cut in half
secured around one of his hands
to keep some tubing or something in place
i became a puddle
it was pitiful

i try to imitate to him 
how i loved
LOVED to pick up up
and just rub his cheeks to mine
(i can't pick him up though)
but sometimes
okay, rarely
he'll give me
as we refer to them
oh i love some baby cheeks

fun & tender
smart & witty

creative & humorous
joyful & spirit filled

determined & spunky
affectionate & playful
are just some of the words
we use to describe JACOB


the smile
his eyes
those freckles

thank you jacob for bearing with
me during our crazy cheezy photo shoot!
i promise one day, you'll be slightly thankful!
one day we'll have someone talented to take our pics

Friday, September 2, 2011

five friday favs

those yellow postcards
that came 
with the boys' teachers names on them
i squealed
b/c each of them got teachers that i'm thrilled about

* * * * * 

God's protection 
during the storm

* * * * * 

coming home to a
mini - end of summer - celebration
treat bag surprise on our porch
freeze pops & water balloons
for another last hurrah

* * * * * 


* * * * * 

Matthew 11:28

who me?!?! . . . never!

. . . would i serve my boys cereal with fruit on top and popcorn dessert for dinner

. . . would i wait until the day before & the day of to invite a few friends over to celebrate my double digit dude's birthday . . . not me!!

. . . would it be okay with me for that sweet 10 year old to blow out our yankee candle b/c i forgot a candle for his cake . . . no way!