Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hootie hoo

in our pre school each room has their own theme.
for years i've been all transportation.
fire truck, police car, ice cream truck, bug, you get the idea
then there was the ocean animal year
and years ago i had a room of frogs

well this year my room is all about owls
boy did i pick the right year to make that my classroom theme
owls are everywhere!
it's been easy decking my room out in colorful owls
i was thrilled when one of my families gave me a box of tissues w/ owls all around it
i had to decorate my humongo bottle of hand sanitizer with an owl
just some "goo be gone" to get rid of the labels
some scrap papers, scrap ribbon, & my cricut
now i have this

i love it ~ "whooo needs germs?!"

it's kind of a joke w/ a couple of the teachers
when they need me
they just call out
"hootie hoo"

whoooo is wise
He who listens to advice
and accepts instruction.
Proverbs 19:20


Jill said...

love it! you are the mostest creativest person I know! :-)

(everyone loves my "joy today in...")


Megan said...

love it!! seriously, that's so cute. my kids would be getting sanitizer all day long!
do i spy crate seats!? adorable!! :)
thanks again for the delicious apple treat today! i devoured it. you are the best!

Skamamama said...

i LOVE my crate seats. thanks for the inspiration!!