Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 . . . seriously

for a few weeks leading up to j's bday,
i kept thinking
WOW ~ 10 . . . it's a big deal
double digits
i don't feel old enough to have a 10 year old!

  10 years ago this dark haired blessing
melted our hearts

and that grin right there
can turn any other person's frown upside down!
and may even keep him from getting in trouble for a wrong choice

he's a little mischievious
very curious
completely charming

 this one makes me laugh
see what i mean?!

but back to 10 years ago
b/c of some blood work or something
i really can't remember the details
the nurses brought him to us 
with a medicine cup cut in half
secured around one of his hands
to keep some tubing or something in place
i became a puddle
it was pitiful

i try to imitate to him 
how i loved
LOVED to pick up up
and just rub his cheeks to mine
(i can't pick him up though)
but sometimes
okay, rarely
he'll give me
as we refer to them
oh i love some baby cheeks

fun & tender
smart & witty

creative & humorous
joyful & spirit filled

determined & spunky
affectionate & playful
are just some of the words
we use to describe JACOB


the smile
his eyes
those freckles

thank you jacob for bearing with
me during our crazy cheezy photo shoot!
i promise one day, you'll be slightly thankful!
one day we'll have someone talented to take our pics


The Saunderses said...

You did a great job with those photos! I love the different creative touches.

Megan said...

wow, jacob really does look so grown up!! crazy. he is so sweet, fun, and creative, and your photos are awesome!! don't sell yourself short :) you're an amazing mama and a fantastic photographer!