Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cake Pops Anyone?

Have you seen her stuff?
Who has time to create these amazing yummies?!
Well I tried to this summer . . . and FAILED
at making the Back to School Pops.
Then I said I would NEVER try them again.
Until JenCobo sent her boy to school w/ one for me.
and it was delicious!

So today I have plenty of time to try them again.
Well after a contact or 2 with bakercobo & her help.
So here we have our Valentine Snowball Cake Pops.
And yes, they were worth the 2nd try.
I will make more.
another day


Jen J said...

Yay!!!! I'm glad they worked out for you this time! They're super cute!

btw... I think I'll just start signing my name as "Jen Cobo"... it's so much shorter. LOL!

mama b said...

i did the cupcake pops for LM's party last year. they were cute cute cute, but i didn't think they tasted very good. i NEVER use canned icing, so i think that's what made them taste so weird to me. they are fun to make, though!! maybe once a year, and that's it. :)

kheaney said...

They are adorable! Great job! I love the bakerella.

Sandy said...

Cake pops looks very delicious from the light pink color. My kids love pops very much