Sunday, May 30, 2010

Today I Love

~ our garden . . . it's growing! yipee. i can not wait to pick tomatoes & cucumbers especially.

~ that the storms (that were predicted) all stayed away so we could enjoy ALL day at the pool

~ NRPreK graduation night . . . such bittersweet feelings. precious children, wonderful parents, fabulous year, amazing team

~ a long weekend

~ cuddly little boys

~ soft beach towels

~ girlfriends that stay over late to offer hands to complete projects

~ jacob's raspy voice . . . he has a frog in his throat. he sounds so cute when he talks but i do hope he isn't getting sick

~ the teachers i am blessed to serve on staff with.

~ my sweet father-in-law who works so hard in our yard. around the mail box is all cleaned up from the ugly old dead tulip stems. talk about a servant!

i don't love ~ sunburns, whining, mosquito bites, ghostbusters (oops), consession stands fully stocked w/ HIGH amounts of high fructose corn syrup, migraines (especially those of little boys)


Angela said...

I love sweet teachers that will sit up on stage in a tiny chair in the middle of all of the four year olds holding my scared little boy just to make him feel secure. You are the best and I thank God that Holden had such a wonderful woman to help show him the love of God this year.

Jill said...

um... what's up with Ghostbusters?!