Tuesday, November 2, 2010

on my mind

* Christmas

* an extra day at home w/ my babes
    + 2 more little darlins

* conferences with the teachers

*  why can't benjamin keep up w/ his black socks

* my nutritional lunch yesterday
   wanna know what it was
   cheez its, pretzel m&ms, & coke0

* there's a new mcallisters in town
   the skamfam & schworms had a yummy time together

* jacob adjusting so well to his contacts
   at the urging & promising of his dr
   that it would really help his eyes

* think i'm really going to love the clothing/closet system
   i put into effect today

* i'm really behind in my jonah study . . . really behind

* could use another election day
   to stay home & get caught up on stuff

* could really do w/out the sore throat & pounding head

* it's so cute that ben loves to clean so much
   that he did his brother's chores today too

* love the "ownership" jacob took on cleaning their room
   without being asked
   and it looks amazing

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