Saturday, November 27, 2010

five friday favs

 we went to yorktown for thanksgiving
p&bj have been talking about this place
it was a wonderful place to relax,
enjoy a change of scenery,
go for walks,
"enjoy the history", (jacob)
stick our feet in the sand
see lots of deer
take pictures of all things cozy & vintage
let the kids run & run

 pretty sure there is no need for explanation here!
my amazing school years girlfriend stopped by
i love visiting with her & catching up
let's just say owen was an added bonus!
i've seen this lip balm advertised
and haven't been able to find it
but then while shopping w/ mama
i found it at walmart!
(thanks mama)
i'm picky about my chapstick
this one goes on smooth
and has no funky gunk & goo

not sure i can thank the friend who introduced me to this place
but i really love it!
i found christmas presents
and loved the furniture

have i mentioned this stuff before?
Rimmel steel grey

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