Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a date w/ my boy

his laugh is completely contagious
his gaze is flirtatious
his smile is warming
i treasure his trust
i love listening to his heart
we have deep conversations
which can be very rare
we also have funny ones
he can't stand church clothes
but asked me to buy him a tux
(i didn't)
his sense of humor is amazing
he's wise & perceptive
he took such time painting a ceramic dog
it looks just like roxy
he can't wait to display it
he held my hand
he shared his milkshake w/ me
he's growing way to fast
he wanted to go the book store
but it's late & a school night
looks like we have another date in our near future

(my picture from our night won't upload)

1 comment:

Nicole Unice said...

love this Regina! Sounds like you are living out your "joy" well!