Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nothing Like . . .

i loved nicole's blog prompt today and will continue with mine here . . . i read hers this morning then thought about it as i drove to preschool.  here it goes!

there's nothing like . . . .

~ a fresh bottle of coke 0 paired with fresh cheez its & fresh M&Ms
    ( no cheez its in our house!! ~ aaaaahhh)

~ the smell of summer rain shower

~ getting lost in a book with your toes deep in the sand

~ "nosey's" with my boys

~ stay home jammer days

~ cozy cuddles on the couch ~ also known as "mommy sandwiches"

~ a random hcps day off of school in the middle of the week

~ brothers getting along instead of arguing & instigating!

1 comment:

elisa said...

Oh man- good list!!!