Sunday, August 28, 2011

a celebration & a tropical storm

* our tropical storm weekend started with celebrating * 

happy birthday anne!!

 one of her precious sons w/ one of mine

 the birthday girl LOVES diet coke
well to say "love" is an understatement!

 another one of her goofy precious sons

so that was friday

saturday brought MORE fun
so i just had to copy an idea that i've seen all over pinterest

after we put the crayons in the order we preferred,
jacob & i hot glued the crayons down

then ben & i blow dried
and watched the shiny, colorful wax drip

it was a fun process and i can't wait to do again

we finished this right in time
just a little bit later the power went out
so it was 
flash light tag
(we even found glo sticks)
choose your own adventure book by flashlight
teacher gifts started
apples to apples

 our neighbor came over to tell us 
one of their trees was on its way to our yard
so we should keep roxy inside

 fortunately this is as far as it came out of the ground

when we woke up this is all we saw
we are very blessed
with only a slightly messy yard
(with all those trees we have,
we just had tons of  branches & limbs)
that papaw has already cleaned
2 hours later
and it doesn't even look like a storm came through
i am so thankful

so is roxy
she finally got to relax in our yard for a bit

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