Sunday, March 21, 2010

almost a month of 365

Stop here if you don't care for the picture over load.
I thought I should update especially for the grandparents!

2/26 ~ the boys have been in an afterschool
basketball program every Friday
2/27 ~ Ben's getting his run on.
He never wants to miss a practice.

2/28 ~ Jacob's final basketball game.

3/1 ~ We finally got to enjoy my yummy birthday treats ~
amazing cupcakes!

3/2 ~ Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss


3/4 ~ Yummy Treats at the Girl's Night Out

3/5 ~ I let Jacob use our camera.
Bad picture but a good try on his part.
I really had forgotten to take a picture
so he helped out.
3/6 ~ 2 Little Loves

3/7 ~ 3 beautiful ladies
sweet friend and her girls

3/8 ~ picnic on the porch
with build your own subs

3/9 ~ Each child draws a picture of something
that begins with the letter of the week.
I thought it was sweet that "I"
chose to draw a picture of Ben for her page.
Notice that she drew herself as well.
I love the sweet friendships!
3/10 ~ Football in the backyard.
Jacob & James discussing their plays.
3/11 ~ I started our newer, bigger, better compost pile.
I'm thinking it's too big now though!

3/12 ~ JM made Jacob some accountability behavior charts.
I think they are helping!

3/13 ~ Spring is trying to arrive!

3/14 ~ Working on their "brackets"!

3/15 ~ "Ready or Not . . . Here I Come"
The boys have really been enjoying all the time outside.
Today it was Hide & Seek.
3/16 ~ The 2nd Graders sing at the PTA meeting.
Jacob has never been thrilled about singing
but couldn't wait for this night.
I later found out it was because if they went,
then they didn't have to do their homework!
I knew it had to be something!
3/17 ~ This is only a tiny bit of what the Leprechauns left for us.
The boys were thrilled that they got to have Lucky Charms . . .
a real treat in our house!
3/18 ~ an early dissmissal on a beautiful day
meant a picnic with wonderful friends at the park.
Jacob really took to Madeline
and kept an eye on her as we walked all around.
3/19 ~ Spring Hat Parade for the Kindergarteners.

3/20 ~ "Happy Spring Mrs. Skammer"
is what a little boy told me when he handed me these.
Aren't they beautiful?!
3/21 ~ Jacob was one of two students in his class
to have his art displayed at the mall.
We along w/ JM's parent's went to see it today.
I can't wait to have it home and frame it.


StansberryPhotography said...

i love your picture overload!!! hard to not love to see cute boys and a sweet family that is having a fun spring!!!

Poppy said...

Never will there be too many pictures