Sunday, January 1, 2012

so random

~ loved today, first day of the year, basketball & football with the boys, fabulous weather, brunch w/ a friend, pics of a girlie, squeezed in a book report, ended it w/ new years eve leftovers

~ my ben has recently started initiating butterfly kisses . . . ssshhh don't tell anyone.  i love it!

~ jacob just had a sincere concern ~ since it's a leap year, shouldn't they (hcps) take off 1 day of school?!
     *i think he should run for school board don't you?!

~ really had a thoughtful time with the boys over romans 12:2 ~ i long for our boys to wear that verse on their hearts . . . . * HIS good, pleasing, & perfect will * . . . . how incredibly reassuring

~ i'm really sad to see Christmas break come to an end.  the ONLY annoyance to the break was the bickering b/w the boys.  however, that happens w/ school or w/out school.  so i'd rather have more home days!

~ i'm pretty sure we have never had so many consecutive cuddling movie nights . . . really loved that time . . . precious treasure

~ mixed feelings over the fact that skamfam christmas cards did not go out yet another year.  i took the pic, had the cards picked out, then just stopped the process!  it did feel good to simply cross that off my to do list.  but o how i love christmas cards

~ i'm really excited about the new season of the bach . . . i know, stupid!  it's a silly guilty pleasure and i'm not even a ben fan

~ i have quite a stack of mail to go out . . . i keep forgetting to buy stamps

~ having a good ole time w/ the instagram app on my old school i touch.  could even become a tad more obsessed w/ the app sb told me about picframe ~ fun stuff

happy new year friends

You crown the year with a bountiful harvest;
even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.
psalm 65:11

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