Sunday, March 29, 2009

oh it's time to say goodbye

to the milkman

Do you remember how THRILLED i was when we moved here to have milk, eggs, & ice cream delivered right to our door?! Let me remind you with this too.

However, we have been learning so much about various things that are great for your bodies. Then there are those things that we thought were wonderful for our bodies but are not right for us. We have decided that milk is not such a good choice for our family. disclaimer to our parents ~ don't worry! the boys are still getting their adequate calcium!

and sarah ~ i kept the glass jars! ;)

has anyone read Sugar Shock?! I read some of on our ride home as a friend from Richmond is letting me borrow it. I'll be back w/ points of interest but for now...I gotta scoot to church!


Emily said...

We do only organic skim for real milk, but I've switched completely to light vanilla soy milk for creamer for my coffee.... Hope you guys had a great time on your visit! -e

Jennifer said...

We've been there and back. I think the healthy diet is definately something that takes work and time to find out what really works best for your family. We did totally cut out meat and dairy for awhile. We currently use rice milk, eat meat in moderation, and try to stick to organic cheese. The kids get calcium from orange juice, cereal, stoneyfield farms yogurt, and other areas of their healthy diet. One doesn't happen to like much dairy so we do buy oj with calcuim to be sure she gets enough. Best wishes on your journey!

Jenn said...

No milk...??? OK, fill me in - why? What do we need to know?