Friday, March 27, 2009

home again home again jiggety jig

We are back home from a great trip to Richmond. Blogger isn't being very good to me tonight though so here is the run down. (i can't post b/w pictures and the pics are listed only in code instead of the pic ~ i say that so if you can help, send me your tips) The first pictures are only a couple of the many ways the boys entertained us as well as each other. Our TVs were not working which could have made for a rather long trip but by the end they had done it all and lastly we "enjoyed" their kazoo & train whistle duet. (thankfully that was only the final 10 minutes of the drive)

The next are of the cousins all out for dinner. Somehow Memaw & Aunt Mary didn't make any pics. Oh well...the children & the men are looking good!

We got a good report from the eye doctor not as good as Jacob was hoping for but he is fine. He does get to take a break until we get his back in from having the lenses replaced. Ben will receive his new specs in a week or so...he has been wearing the same frames since 2007 and they are squishing his face.

We had a great time w/ all of our NR friends. Both of the boys got to see their pre K teachers and Ben's highlight may have been seeing Hannah. We only missed out on seeing Miss L but Jacob is planning a visit to see her when we go back for Spring Break. The boys are making additional plans for friends too since this trip was so last minute. We have 3 weeks to plan ahead for playdates!

They also got to see the movie "Monsters vs. Aliens" and supposedly it's a hit.

and of course ~ I stocked up on some of our Trader Joes favorites but didn't have time to do much other shopping. That's okay though...JM appreciates that!

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